Lush Cosmetics Black Friday 2024 Sale – What to Expect

We literally track Black Friday deals from hundreds of different stores and brands. And from all of those, there are just a few that never run any Black Friday sales at all (and that’s regardless if we’re in a pandemic or not). Lush, along with a few other premium brands like Tiffany and Louis Vuitton, happens to be one of those stores. That means no doorbuster deals and no storewide coupons — It’s just another ordinary day at Lush Cosmetics. But does that mean they never ever run sales at other times of the year? Fortunately not, there’s a big sale coming in late-December!

Lush Cosmetics has only one sale a year for just a few short hours. That’s on the day after Christmas (December 26th), which is also known as their Boxing Day sale. That’s when you can pick up an entire page of buy-one get-one free deals — everything from chocolatey face masks to salt-studded bath bombs — both in-stores and online. You just have to be super quick because they famously sell out out their most popular items in a matter of minutes (last year their site was also significantly lagging and we had trouble checking out).

With that being said, you can still shop your local Lush Cosmetics store on Black Friday as they will be open. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!


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Here’s a look at the Lush sign outside their storefront in Düsseldorf, Germany. Photo by Witold Sadowski.

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  1. I wish Lush would have more sales throughout the year as their after Christmas sale is always nuts. All the best bath bombs sell out within minutes.

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