About us

Hi, and welcome to Blacker Friday. We, probably just like you, love a good deal. And with the average family having a mortgage, a lingering student loan, a car payment, and a few kids to feed – Saving money is not only nice, it’s required around here. Sound familiar?

Well, a few years ago our founder, Witold Sadowski, started sharing his favorite Thanksgiving weekend bargains on a small blog and over time it slowly started gaining in popularity and grew into what we have today. Since then, we have a team dedicated to Blacker Friday, not only tracking the best Black Friday deals, but other major shopping days throughout the year as well. Our goal is to cut down on the clutter and just focus on what’s important… how and where to find the lowest price on the hottest brands.  Simple as that!

Where are we today?

Compared to some of the other so called “black friday” websites out there, we may not have a zillion pages of random (often expired) computer generated deals, but rather, where we lack in quantity, we make up in quality. Every single page on BlackerFriday.com was written by a human for a human. Every deal is checked by hand and put there because we liked it and verified it. You’ll find that most of the other websites out there are just spewing some automatic feeds, not checking if the deal is valid or not, and frankly, not really not adding any value at all. That’s not us.

We’re being noticed.

A number of popular news outlets and blogs have taken notice of Blacker Friday. Here’s just a few websites that have mentioned us recently:

We’ve also been recognized as one of the top Black Friday websites in the affiliate marketing space, including by CJ Junction.

The Team.

You must be dying to know who we are. So here you go!

We’ve got some funny titles, but honestly we really don’t go with titles. We’re all equal around here and all members of the team contribute across the site. We try to keep a relaxed working environment because many of us still have trauma from past gigs at large corporations. Life is not all about moving up the corporate ladder. We do work hard though (especially in November when we don’t sleep much) and share a passion in what we do.


If you are a member of the press and need assistance in writing an article or would like to interview one of our team members about a story that you’re working on, then please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to speak to you.

Connect with us.

If you just want to say “hi”, have any questions or comments, know of any Black Friday or Cyber Monday ads that are not yet listed here, or have something else on your mind, then visit our contact page to reach us. We also have a mailing address if you prefer using regular post – Here are the details:

848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #3355
Las Vegas, NV 89107

Best regards & happy bargain hunting,

— The Blacker Friday Team