Hulu’s Black Friday 2024 Sale – What to Expect

We have a long way to go until Hulu’s Black Friday 2024 sale arrives, however you can scroll down the page to see their 2023 ad and offer details to get a general idea of what they typically offer during the annual event. Of course all of you joined to our newsletter will be the first to know once we know more. See you again soon!

Updated on Monday November 20, 2023: Early access to Hulu’s Black Friday sale is back once again!

Starting today, visit to get early access to their Black Friday sale: A full 12 months of their ad-supported plan for just 99¢ per month! This page isn’t advertised on Hulu’s homepage, the early access is intended for viewers who saw the deal on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Just keep in mind that this deal is only for “new and eligible returning subscribers” who have not been subscribed in the last month. But as you’ll see in the extensive comments at the bottom of the page, apparently just a different email address and different credit card is all that’s needed to be considered as a new subscriber (just don’t forget to cancel your existing plan so you don’t get double charged!). Also with this deal you can cancel anytime.

See the official terms and conditions posted below for compete details. Remember, the plan auto-renews at $7.99/month or then-current regular monthly price if you don’t cancel after the 12-month period. Offer ends Tuesday November 28, 2023 at 11:59PM PT. Happy bargain hunting!

Black Friday 2023 Start & End Dates

You won’t have to make any rush decisions when it comes to taking advantage of Hulu’s Black Friday sale. That’s not only because the offer is traditionally available all Thanksgiving weekend long, but early access to event arrives much sooner than that. Of course there is not much to think about — Hulu’s Black Friday deal has historically been one of their best offers of the year!

  • Confirmed BF early access: Monday November 20, 2023. Hulu has once again launched the offer on a hidden page on their site intended for ABC’s Good Morning America viewers.
  • Expected general BF sale start date: Thursday November 23, 2023 at 12:01AM PT (that’s on Thanksgiving day).
  • Confirmed BF sale end date: Tuesday November 28, 2023 at 11:59PM PT (that’s the day after Cyber Monday).

Ad History

Are you interested in seeing some of the older Black Friday ads from Hulu? Then just follow the archive links below to view the last few years of ad history.

  • 2022: Page 1.
  • 2021: Page 1 and 2.
  • 2020: Page 1.
  • 2019: Page 1.
  • 2018: Page 1.


Are you currently subscribed to Hulu? Are you looking to buy a Hulu subscription for a loved one as a Christmas present? Let us know in the comments.

46 thoughts on “Hulu’s Black Friday 2024 Sale – What to Expect”

  1. I have done the $1.99 since 2020. Never had a problem with any extra charges and cancel before I get charged the regular price. Mine expires this month. I think I might do what the other suggested use new email and purchase a $25 gc to cover the year.

    1. Are you creating a new email address every year to do this? Also, what is the purpose of the GC? To avoid using your own cc that is tracked?

      1. Nah. Just switch back and forth between two. We’ve been doing this for years and years. Spouse pays for one year, I pay for the next. As long as that info hasn’t been used in a month, you’re good. Never bothered with a gift card. Just use different credit cards (again, spouse’s, then mine).

    1. Different accounts. We have been exchanging Hulu subscriptions by using my and my wife’s account. The only caveat is the you’ll lose you watch history from the last 12 months. Also any bundle deals will be lost. I added Disney+ for just a couple of dollars extra. We’ll have to cancel it too.

    2. New account with a different email and different credit card for payment. Don’t forget to log into your current account and cancel that subscription.

    1. I use it with a chrome browser and ublock. Blocks almost all commercials . You sometimes have to turn off ublock and turn it back on to start a program. Works on several free services as well. Crackle and Roku channels. Just get a cheap chromebook with hdmi output.

  2. Last year I had to quit Hulu about 6 months before Thanksgiving and saw the deal but they still wouldn’t let me get the discount had to use a different email and credit card

  3. Some credit cards have a charge forgiveness limit. Discover has a $2 limit, so if you have a recurring charge under $2 and nothing else on that card for the month, discover writes it off automatically. Thus free Hulu potentially.

    1. Unless they change something this year, you need a new email address AND a new credit card number. Should not be a problem if you use Privacy or one of the other services that allow you to generate merchant-specific card numbers linked to your checking account. Or buy a $25 VISA or MC gift card and you should be set for the year.

    2. In the past u needed a new email and different credit card. As well as using an incognito screen. However a deal hasn’t been announced for this year yet

  4. Been doing this the last 3 years, switch the recipient back and forth between my husband and I; the other person (current subscriber) cancels their subscription while new person takes over. We keep the same password, just have to change the email address for login. I think the “eligible returning customer” just has to not be a current subscriber for either the last 4 or 6 months

    1. And you have to change credit cards. Made the mistake last time of using the same card so I was declined the promotional price until I used another card

    2. Debbie K. Do you guys cancel your subscription then or do you cancel it 3 months ahead of time. Also curious you spoke of taking turns each year. Do you guys, when it’s ur turn again, reuse the email you use when it was your turn or generate yourself a new email, for yourself every time if was your turn..? I hope that wasn’t too hard to follow, sorry.

      1. Different person who does the same thing. I follow your question. We use our regular emails. Just have one each. It doesn’t have to be a completely new email, just one that hasn’t had a Hulu account in a month. And we cancel once the new person takes over.

    3. Last year I was unable to restart as an eligible returning customer, despite getting the email offering it to me. Messaged customer service, and they basically said it wasn’t their problem, did I want to start my subscription at full price. Um…no. I don’t.

    1. Hi Janine,

      The terms last year say the offer is for “new and eligible returning subscribers only” so not sure if you would be able to get this deal again or not. You’ll probably have to wait as see.


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