Walmart’s Black Friday 2023 Sale: Event #2 Begins Today!

Updated on Wednesday November 22, 2023: Out of the hundreds of stores that we monitor, Walmart’s Black Friday sale stands out as the most highly anticipated events of the year… and lucky for us, the main event BEGINS TODAY at! Here’s what you need to know when shopping their sale this year:

  • Walmart’s Black Friday sales are split up into 2 separate events (unlike the 3 events last year). We’ve posted the complete ad/sale highlights for Event #2, the main event, below. The first round of deals is now over.
  • Walmart’s Black Friday Event #2 will begin online at on Wednesday November 22, 2023 at 3:00PM ET / 12:00PM PT and in-stores on Friday November 24, 2023. All Walmart+ members will get a 3-hour head-start with online early access to the event at 12:00PM ET / 9:00AM PT on Wednesday November 22, 2023 (helpful if you’re looking to secure a deal on any one of their popular doorbuster items like TV’s which tend to sell out in a matter of minutes).
  • If you’re considering joining Walmart+ then you can pick up an annual membership for $98/year. Besides early access to their Black Friday event, Walmart+ gives you free delivery on holiday groceries, free shipping all online orders with no minimum purchase required, video streaming with Paramount+, 10¢ off per gallon at 14,000+ gas stations nationwide (including Exxon, Mobil, Walmart & Murphy stations), and some other perks (terms and conditions apply).
  • All qualifying purchases made in-stores and online in months of November and December will be eligible for return through January 31, 2024 (those that are sold and ship directly from Walmart, not from any 3rd party resellers on their site). Terms and conditions also apply here.
  • If shopping in-stores, all locations will once again be closed on Thanksgiving day itself. Stores open at 6:00AM on Friday morning.
  • You can also expect a better shopping experience this year. That’s because Walmart just announced in a press release that they are expanding their same-day delivery slots, increasing the availability of items for next and two-day shipping, and offering a more comprehensive selection of items over the holidays. That all means you should have a better chance of getting what you want, faster than ever before!

Black Friday 2023 Start & End Dates

The last three Black Friday sales at Walmart were unlike any others in their history; rather than one big sale and huge in-store-only doorbuster deals, the sales were spread out into several separate events with different deals offered at each one (Target also followed in Walmart’s footsteps and started doing something similar). And as we expected, this trend continues this year. Here is the confirmed Black Friday sales schedule for 2023:

  • Confirmed start date, Event #1: Online on Wednesday November 8, 2023 at 3:00PM ET/12:00PM PT and in-stores on Friday November 10, 2023 at 6:00AM local time. The deals will likely run through Sunday November 12, 2023 or while supplies last. 3-hour online early access at 12:00PM EST/9:00AM PST will be given to all Walmart+ members.
  • Confirmed start date, Event #2: Online on Wednesday November 22, 2023 at 3:00PM ET/12:00PM PT and in-stores on Friday November 24, 2023 at 6:00AM local time. The deals will likely run through Sunday November 26, 2023 or while in-stock supplies last. Once again, 3-hour online early access at 12:00PM ET/9:00AM PST will be given to all Walmart+ members.
  • Confirmed Cyber Monday start date: Online on Monday November 27, 2023. What’s new this year is that Walmart+ members also get early access to Cyber Monday deals.

Keep in mind that all stores nationwide are closed for the entire day on Thanksgiving day itself.

Walmart Black Friday 2023 Ad, Event #2

Walmart’s Black Friday ad for “Event #2”, the main event, is posted below. We’ve also pulled out some of the top deals coming during this second and final round. These offers will begin at on Wednesday November 22, 2023 at 3:00PM ET/12:00PM PT and in-stores on Friday November 24, 2023 at 6:00AM local time. 3-hour online early access at 12:00PM EST/9:00AM PST is given to all Walmart+ members.

The top deals this year include:

Should I Join Walmart+ for Black Friday?

With Walmart announcing once again that it would offer exclusive 3-hour online early access for all Walmart+ members to each of their two planned Black Friday events this year, you may be wondering if it’s worth signing up. But after what many called a failed Black Friday sale three years ago, you may not have a choice if you want to secure one of their hottest doorbuster deals.

What happened 4 years ago?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart decided to focus their Black Friday sale mostly online with several different Black Friday events spread out over the month of November… exactly like they are doing again here in 2023. The deals were available online a few days before they were in stores, and generally, they did their best not to draw huge crowds in-stores by keeping local store inventory to a bare minimum. Maybe that’s not a bad idea when there’s sufficient online supplies available, the site doesn’t slow down or crash and everything works as planned.

But what happened was that items were instantly being sold out. People on Reddit reported that some hot items literally went “Out if Stock” seconds after the “Add to Cart” came up. And that was not only on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles that were among the most sought after holiday gifts last year, but also on many of the other doorbuster specials such as TV’s, budget laptops, certain toys and small appliances.

Here comes Walmart+ to the rescue.

As with everything in life, challenges also present new opportunities and a chance to reinvent yourself. Walmart is ceasing the moment by offering early access to paid Walmart Plus members to their Black Friday sale. It still not guaranteed everything will be easily available but you definitely had a much better chance on getting by beating out the crowds with early access.

It’s worth mentioning, Walmart+ membership is not only about early access to big events. You’ll also get free shipping to your home with no minimum on all purchases, free delivery from your local store on groceries, lower member pricing on fuel at any of their participating gas stations, and discounts on your prescriptions filled at any one of their 4000+ pharmacies.

So how much will Walmart+ cost me?

Walmart Plus membership is available for either $12.95/month or for $98/year if you pay ahead. There’s also a free trial available to anyone who hasn’t used their service before. But if you’re thinking on using the free trial to gain early access to their Black Friday events then you’re out of luck; Walmart is specific that only paid members can participate.

What should I do?

With the current economic environment and knowing that inventory levels will likely be squeezed this holiday season, buying your way to the front of the line may be your best option this year for any of the sought after doorbuster deals. Although at the same time, it hurts knowing that you’ll effectively be paying to gain access a good deal… something that in normal times you should never have to do.

But don’t feel bad, it is what it is. And it’s not only Walmart that’s come up a paid a membership program; we’re seeing the same at Best Buy, Amazon and others.

Ad History

Are you interested in seeing some of Walmart’s older Black Friday ads? Then follow the links below to view the last few years of ad scan/flyer history.

A view outside of the Walmart store on South Bradley Rd. in Santa Maria, CA. Photo credit: Witold Sadowski.
This weeks featured deals are showcased in the center aisle at the Walmart store in Santa Maria, CA. Photo credit: Witold Sadowski.
You’ll find plenty of pre-Black Friday deals on TVs and electronics at Walmart, including at this store in Santa Maria, CA. Photo credit: Witold Sadowski.


What do you plan on getting at Walmart over Black Friday weekend? A new TV? Some toys for your kids?  Let us know in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “Walmart’s Black Friday 2023 Sale: Event #2 Begins Today!”

  1. Walmart is becoming like Kmart of the past. There #1 and each year treat the customer worse. Like Kmart did in the past and it allowed Walmart very fast to take over. Maybe the same will happen to Walmart.

    1. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Its Management ,they treat their associates terrible and customers too.All of them act entitled just like you.What you don’t like what they’re offeing?

    2. Hmmm Walmart is one of the richest companies in the US and 2nd to Amazon on Online sales. Do not really know what you expect at a discount store. Who deals with associates online anyway?

  2. Walmart has neglected to update their return policies for their early Black Friday deals. Other stores have allowed for this, such as Best Buy- if you buy an item today you have until January 16, 2021 for returns-Walmart has not done this. I even contacted customer support. I wanted to get my daughter a laptop but if it’s not what she wants, they confirmed it cannot be returned unless it’s within 30 days of purchase. This defeats the purpose for many of us. It’s a Christmas gift, I’m not going to give it to her before Christmas. Very disappointed in Walmart for neglecting something so important. No where does it say ANYTHING in regards to their return policies for Black Friday deal days. So be aware, if you buy a gift and the person you give it to would rather something different or it’s not right for them, Walmart will not do a return. That’s what I was informed. If anyone has additional clarification on this and can provide a link, please do. I’m just really upset and disappointed. I was all excited, waiting for today, thinking I would be crossing my daughters laptop off the list and now I can’t buy it because they insist the policies haven’t been updated and any return would need to be done within 30 days. I can’t spend that kind of money, even if it IS a really good deal, only for her to want something different and be unable to return it. Very upset.

    1. Or she could just be grateful for what she gets. If my kids didn’t like something I got them, next year they wouldn’t get anything.

      1. That comment was from a year ago why are you even committing? And that was rude because unlike you she’s clearly a mother who cares about her child and their likes and dislikes. A laptop for a kid isn’t about being grateful. The one she gets could be to slow, not have enough battery life, low storage, etc for the stuff she needs to do on it. FYI nothing bad about a child or even an adult not liking a gift. Buy them what they can benefit from instead of wasting your money and then being petty about them not liking it. Happy holidays

        1. Because it was a pointless comment about a business that inconvenienced her. Other big big things going on in the world last year and this year and to get this upset over a company not pleasing you should be called out. God Bless this country seems like we are doomed

        2. Sorry but I agree with Diana. Anyway..why b_itch about such a petty thing. It’s their company, their policy. If it bothers you THAT much, give her a gift card then she can buy what she wants. Good grief people!

      2. Depending on what she needs the laptop to do is relevant. All laptops are not created equal. I bought my daughter one 3 years ago & she loved it. I gave it to her early because of the stupid return policy. She took it to school, came home & promptly let me know she couldn’t use that one for certain assignments. How about just understanding that when it comes to technology you can be grateful, but if a lot of money is spent & it still can’t be used for its purpose then what’s the point?

    2. Extended Holiday Returns

      Most items with less than a 90-day return window that customers buy or receive from November 1, 2021, through December 25, 2021, begin their return period on December 26, 2021. Marketplace seller participation varies. See the Return Policy for details.

    3. Walmart policy on returns changes from Nov 1-Jan 1. The policy extents all returns for an additional 15 days. So wireless devices is 30 days & everything else is 45 days from the date of purchase. This isn’t per store. The is per corporate office.

    4. Walmart has extended their holiday return policy. You now have till January 31,2023 to returns most items. Just click on any item on line and it will tell under the item if it has the extended return.

  3. I am so proud of the CEO over WalMart God bless you all for giving your employees off for Thanksgiving . You are awesome to do this. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family

    1. Agree with Becky!!!! I love black friday shopping but I would love it even more if it was on friday and workers had thursday off to spend time with their families.

  4. I’m on the hunt for a new TV, 60” or 65”, and a new iPhone on Straight Talk if the price is right. Let’s go Walmart — Don’t disappoint this year!

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