Walmart Black Friday 2021 Sale – What to Expect in Their Ad

We’ve still got a long ways to go until Walmart’s Black Friday sale arrives again but you can scroll down the page to view last year’s details to get a general idea of the type of offers they typically run (you can expect to see similar deals return).

As always, we’ll be posting a copy of their ad, sale start/end dates and all the important details for 2021 the moment we know more. Be sure to check back again soon for the latest updates or join our newsletter to stay informed.

Expected 2021 Start & End Dates

Last year’s Black Friday sale at Walmart was unlike any other in their history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than one big sale and huge in-store doorbuster deals, the sale was spread out into three separate events with different deals offered at each. The focus was on online shopping with free shipping or local contact-free curbside pickup available on most items.

So what about this year? Well, it’s still too early to confirm the sale dates but we suspect that they will run a similar sale. After all, we still haven’t fully received from the pandemic. If the dates end up being the same, then these are the start/end dates at you can expect to see here in 2021:

  • Event #1: Expected to begin online on Wednesday November 3, 2021 at 7:00PM EST and in stores on Saturday November 6, 2021 at 5:00AM local time (new deals also added online at 12:01AM on ET on Saturday). The deals are expect to run through Sunday November 7, 2021 or while supplies last.
  • Event #2: Expected to begin online on Wednesday November 10, 2021 at 7:00PM EST and in stores on Saturday November 13, 2021 at 5:00AM local time (new deals also added online at 12:01AM on ET on Saturday). The deals are expect to run through Sunday November 14, 2021 or while supplies last.
  • Event #3: Expected to online on Wednesday November 24, 2021 at 7:00PM ET/4:00PM PT and in stores on Friday November 26, 2021 at 5:00AM local time (new deals also added online at 12:01AM on ET on Friday). The featured deals during this event will likely run through the end of the day on Friday November 26, 2021 or while supplies last.

Keep in mind that all stores nationwide were closed for the entire day on Thanksgiving day itself last year and we may see the same again this year (stores were open on Black Friday at 5:00AM with 20% regular occupancy levels permitted inside).

What to Buy in 2021

You’ll find a lot of similarities in Walmart’s Black Friday doorbuster specials to the ones at Kohl’s and Target. Our team has been tracking all of these stores for a number of years now and we’ve noticed that the specials tend to repeat themselves from year to year. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for at Walmart’s Black Friday 2021 sale:

  • Gaming Consoles & Games — Odds are that you weren’t able to pick up a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X during last year’s holiday season. There were just none to be found and the few folks that managed to get one somehow were price gouging them on eBay. This year is expected to be completely different. Not only will we see several bundles to choose from but you can expect many new games to be released by Black Friday. You’ll also be able to find Nintendo Switch consoles, games and accessories on sale as well.
  • TV’s — You’ll find a ton of TV’s on sale from all the big-box stores — from Best Buy to Costco and everyone in-between — on sale during Thanksgiving weekend. Always the doorbuster deals on the front page of the Black Friday ad are the best but that’s also why they tend to sell out quickly, sometimes within minutes of going live (last year we received many comments on our Facebook page from angry folks that couldn’t checkout fast enough with the TV’s they wanted). Our favorite TV last year was the a huge Vizio 70” 4K UHD SmartCast TV on sale for just $478. They also had a 58” Samsung 4K UHD SmartTV on sale for $398.
  • Cellphones — With all the extra gift card opportunities coupled with some of the lowest prices out there, you couldn’t go wrong buying a new phone with either a 2-year contract or prepaid plan. Those of us in the office are more Apple iPhone users so we are a bit biased, but if you like Samsung or LG phones there was something for you as well. Or favorite deals on Apple last year was on the prepaid iPhone SE on sale for $199, available on Straight Talk Wireless. There was also your choice of the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro that each came with a $450 in-store gift card. For Android users, the SamsungGalaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 were both great choices as each came with a $500 in-store gift card.
  • Home Appliances — A quarter of Walmart’s Black Friday ad last year had various home goods items. As as you can imagine, kitchen essentials were huge sellers last year as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. That included Keurig coffee makers, Instant Pot pressure cookers, KitchenAid mixers and iRobot Roomba and Dyson vacuums.
  • Apparel — Apparel sales have generally slumped this last year as the lockdown has kept people indoors. That’s why you can expect to see deeper discounts on clothes than ever before as inventory levels are still piling up. That’s why 2021 should be the best opportunity to stock up on your favorite name-brand clothing from brands such as Under Armour, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Wrangler, Levi’s, and others. And if you don’t mind the store-brand apparel, especially for your kid’s clothing that they will destroy either way, then Walmart will likely be your best store to pick up the bargains.
  • General merchandise — The last few pages of Walmart’s Black Friday ad usually has all the other stuff that don’t match their other categories. This is actually a section you shouldn’t overlook as you can deals on some things most people don’t typically buy during the Fall/Winter season. For example, last year there was a Brookstone 3-burner BBQ grill on sale for $174. Maybe not as well know as Weber or Char-Broil, it was a pretty good cooker. Our other favorite last year was the Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer that was on sale for just $69 after $80 savings.
  • Toys — Last but not least, you’ve good lots of toys typically on sale over the long weekend. Last year Walmart had kids bikes with training wheels on sale for as low as $44/each and big-kid bikes as low as $84/each. The ride-on 12 volt boys and girls quads were on sale for $98 and then you had various other toys, everything from Barbie dolls to boardgames, on sale from $5/each.

Last Year’s Black Friday Ad

Walmart’s third and final Black Friday event last year began on Wednesday November 25, 2020. We’re including a copy of that ad below. You can also check out the first two ads by following the links found in the “history” section below.


Are you interested in seeing some of Walmart’s older Black Friday ads? Then follow the links below to view the last few years of ad history.


What do you plan on getting at Walmart over Black Friday weekend? A new TV? Some toys for your kids?  Let us know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Walmart Black Friday 2021 Sale – What to Expect in Their Ad”

  1. Walmart has neglected to update their return policies for their early Black Friday deals. Other stores have allowed for this, such as Best Buy- if you buy an item today you have until January 16, 2021 for returns-Walmart has not done this. I even contacted customer support. I wanted to get my daughter a laptop but if it’s not what she wants, they confirmed it cannot be returned unless it’s within 30 days of purchase. This defeats the purpose for many of us. It’s a Christmas gift, I’m not going to give it to her before Christmas. Very disappointed in Walmart for neglecting something so important. No where does it say ANYTHING in regards to their return policies for Black Friday deal days. So be aware, if you buy a gift and the person you give it to would rather something different or it’s not right for them, Walmart will not do a return. That’s what I was informed. If anyone has additional clarification on this and can provide a link, please do. I’m just really upset and disappointed. I was all excited, waiting for today, thinking I would be crossing my daughters laptop off the list and now I can’t buy it because they insist the policies haven’t been updated and any return would need to be done within 30 days. I can’t spend that kind of money, even if it IS a really good deal, only for her to want something different and be unable to return it. Very upset.

  2. I am so proud of the CEO over WalMart God bless you all for giving your employees off for Thanksgiving . You are awesome to do this. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family

    1. Agree with Becky!!!! I love black friday shopping but I would love it even more if it was on friday and workers had thursday off to spend time with their families.

  3. I’m on the hunt for a new TV, 60” or 65”, and a new iPhone on Straight Talk if the price is right. Let’s go Walmart — Don’t disappoint this year!

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