Walmart’s Black Friday 2024 Sale

Updated on Monday April 22, 2024: Out of the hundreds of stores we track every year for Black Friday, Walmart is the #1 most popular of them all. It’s not hard to see why as each year they bring some of the best offers of the holiday season. And while we still have plenty of time left to go until the official details are announced, we’ve put together an overview of what you can expect to see this year, all of which are based on what they’ve done in the past.

Our Black Friday 2024 Predictions

    • For the last few years, Walmart has been running multiple Black Friday events. Last year they had two separate events followed by a Cyber Monday sale. From 2020 to 2023 they ran three separate events each year and prior to that they ran just a single Black Friday sale each year. Within each event there are also different start and end dates depending on if your Walmart+ member shopping, if you’re not a Walmart+ member but shopping online, and if you’re shopping in-stores.
    • If Walmart runs two separate events here in 2024 then these are the start and end dates that you can expect to see:

  • However, if Walmart decides to bring back three separate Black Friday events this year then you can expect to see event #1 begin about week earlier, likely on or around Wednesday November 6th.
  • For each Black Friday event, Walmart typically grants their Walmart+ members 3-hour early online access. However, it’s only for paying members and not for those of you on the 30-day free trial period. If you’re considering signing up so you don’t miss out on any of their popular items then be on the lookout for 50% off new memberships which is usually offered in early November right before the first Black Friday event (often on sale for $49 vs. the regular price of $98 for 12 months of membership). Keep in mind that, in some cases, membership is your only shot in securing a deal on their popular items which tend to sell out extremely fast (folks have complained on Reddit in the past that hot items literally went “Out if Stock” seconds after the “Add to Cart” came up).
  • If shopping in-stores, all locations nationwide are expected to once again be closed all day on Thanksgiving day itself. Stores usually open the next day, on Friday morning, at 6:00AM. According to a number of Walmart workers posting on Reddit, don’t expect it to be terribly busy in-stores of Friday itself. That’s because ever since the pandemic, they has been focusing on offering all of the same items online days and even weeks before you can pick up the same items in-stores. Large crowds now tend to show up over the weekend right before Christmas.
  • In terms of the featured deals, TV’s, toys (including Legos), small kitchen appliances (such as KitchenAid mixers, Keurig coffee machines and Ninja blenders) personal electronics (like Apple Watches and Beats Headphones), clothing (from brands such as Crocs and Wrangler) and video games (including for PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch) are the main product categories that we usually see. You can scroll down the page to see last year’s ad to get a general idea of the type of price points that we see.
  • If you’re unsure about buying something or if you happen to find a better price elsewhere, keep in mind that Walmart usually offers an extended return period during the Christmas holiday season. You can can expect all qualifying purchases made in-stores and on their website during the months of November and December to be eligible for a no-questions-asked return through January 31, 2025. Although some exclusions may apply so you’ll need to check the official terms once they become available.
  • We are expecting an official press release from Walmart on or around November 1, 2024 announcing all of this year’s sale details. Of course we’ll post an update here with everything you’ll need to know the moment the news becomes available as well as send out an email to all of you joined to our newsletter.

Last Year’s Black Friday Ad

See below for a copy of last year’s Black Friday ad for event #2 (the main event) which went live on Wednesday November 22, 2023. Some of the featured items included:

  • The onn. 43” Class FHD (1080P) LED Roku Smart TV (item #100133209) available for $98.00.
  • TCL 55″ Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV (model #55S41R) available for $188.00.
  • Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Apple W1 chip, finished in matte black, available for $99.00 (normally priced at $349.95).
  • Nintendo Switch™ Lite (Timmy & Tommy’s Aloha Edition) Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bundle (Full Game Download Included) available for $199.00.
  • Wrangler Men’s and Big Men’s Regular Fit Jeans with Flex available for $13.00/pair.
  • Gourmia All-in-One 14 QT Air Fryer, Oven, Rotisserie, Dehydrator with 12 Cooking Functions available for $50.00.
  • Thyme & Table 32-Piece Cookware & Bakeware Non-Stick Set in Black available for $89.00.
  • YORIN 8-Foot Trampoline with Enclosure Net, Ladder, 800LBS Weight Capacity, available for $149.00 (normally priced at $299.99).
  • Lamborghini 12-Volt Powered Ride on Car in Pink available for $165.99 (normally priced at $369.99). The other colors will cost a little bit more.
  • XR-350 ATV 12-Volt Powered Ride-on by Action Wheels in Red available for $98.00.
  • Huffy 16 in. Rock It Kids Bike for Boys Aged 4 and up, in Red available for $38.00.
  • Evergreen Classics Pre-Lit 7.5′ Benton Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Color-Changing LED Lights available for $78.00.
  • 24 inch LED Lighted Gingerbread Mickey Mouse Blow Mold Outdoor Christmas Décor by Disney available for 25.00.
  • Blue Spruce 24″ Wreath Pre-Lit with 50 Warm White LED Lights and Battery-Operated – by Seasonal LLC, available for $34.99.

What To Watch Out For

You might notice that some of the prices that you’ll see on Black Friday at Walmart may seem too good to be true. How can they offer a big screen HDTV for under $200 and still make money on it? Well, it’s been reported that some of the doorbuster items are specifically manufactured as a “Black Friday Only” special purchases which often have inferior internal specs. So even though it may look the same on the outside as a similar, higher priced model sold at another store, it may be missing some features important to you on the inside. Here’s a few points to keep in mind:

  • Check the listed specs. If it’s electronics you’re buying, compare the features listed on Walmart to those listed for the same item directly on the manufacturer’s website to see if there are differences. Specifically, like in the example of TVs, look for differences in resolution, display type, refresh rate, motion rate, brightness, number of outputs, and built-in features (i.e. speakers, bluetooth capabilities, operating system, etc.).
  • Check the price history. Just because an item is on sale over Thanksgiving weekend that doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. A site like camelcamelcamel can help you find the price history of millions of products to see if you are in fact getting the best price possible. They also let you signup for free price drop alerts so you can stay informed on anything on your holiday shopping list that you are not in a rush to buy.
  • Check the manufacturer’s website. While Walmart comes to mind as having the lowest prices year-round, that’s not always the case. Sometimes you’ll find a better price for the same item directly at the manufacturer itself (or be able to pick up a certified refurbished item for even less). If you find that the price is the same, extra perks like an extended warranty, an easier or longer return policy, and/or free shipping may be be offered at the manufacturer’s direct online store.

It’s also worth mentioning that making a shopping list is always a good idea. It’ll help you stay on track, within budget and avoid those random purchases that you may quickly regret.

Ad History

Are you interested in seeing some of Walmart’s older Black Friday ads? Then follow the links below to view the last few years of ad scan/flyer history.

A view outside of the Walmart store on South Bradley Rd. in Santa Maria, CA. Photo credit: Witold Sadowski.
This weeks featured items are showcased in the center aisle at the Walmart store in Santa Maria, CA. Photo credit: Witold Sadowski.
You’ll find plenty of TVs and electronics in stock at this at Walmart store in Santa Maria, CA. Photo credit: Witold Sadowski.

Questions & Comments

What do you plan on getting at Walmart over Thanksgiving weekend? A new TV for yourself? Some toys for your kids? A gift for someone special under the Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Walmart is becoming like Kmart of the past. There #1 and each year treat the customer worse. Like Kmart did in the past and it allowed Walmart very fast to take over. Maybe the same will happen to Walmart.

    1. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Its Management ,they treat their associates terrible and customers too.All of them act entitled just like you.What you don’t like what they’re offeing?

    2. Hmmm Walmart is one of the richest companies in the US and 2nd to Amazon on Online sales. Do not really know what you expect at a discount store. Who deals with associates online anyway?

  2. Walmart has neglected to update their return policies for their early Black Friday deals. Other stores have allowed for this, such as Best Buy- if you buy an item today you have until January 16, 2021 for returns-Walmart has not done this. I even contacted customer support. I wanted to get my daughter a laptop but if it’s not what she wants, they confirmed it cannot be returned unless it’s within 30 days of purchase. This defeats the purpose for many of us. It’s a Christmas gift, I’m not going to give it to her before Christmas. Very disappointed in Walmart for neglecting something so important. No where does it say ANYTHING in regards to their return policies for Black Friday deal days. So be aware, if you buy a gift and the person you give it to would rather something different or it’s not right for them, Walmart will not do a return. That’s what I was informed. If anyone has additional clarification on this and can provide a link, please do. I’m just really upset and disappointed. I was all excited, waiting for today, thinking I would be crossing my daughters laptop off the list and now I can’t buy it because they insist the policies haven’t been updated and any return would need to be done within 30 days. I can’t spend that kind of money, even if it IS a really good deal, only for her to want something different and be unable to return it. Very upset.

    1. Or she could just be grateful for what she gets. If my kids didn’t like something I got them, next year they wouldn’t get anything.

      1. That comment was from a year ago why are you even committing? And that was rude because unlike you she’s clearly a mother who cares about her child and their likes and dislikes. A laptop for a kid isn’t about being grateful. The one she gets could be to slow, not have enough battery life, low storage, etc for the stuff she needs to do on it. FYI nothing bad about a child or even an adult not liking a gift. Buy them what they can benefit from instead of wasting your money and then being petty about them not liking it. Happy holidays

        1. Because it was a pointless comment about a business that inconvenienced her. Other big big things going on in the world last year and this year and to get this upset over a company not pleasing you should be called out. God Bless this country seems like we are doomed

        2. Sorry but I agree with Diana. Anyway..why b_itch about such a petty thing. It’s their company, their policy. If it bothers you THAT much, give her a gift card then she can buy what she wants. Good grief people!

      2. Depending on what she needs the laptop to do is relevant. All laptops are not created equal. I bought my daughter one 3 years ago & she loved it. I gave it to her early because of the stupid return policy. She took it to school, came home & promptly let me know she couldn’t use that one for certain assignments. How about just understanding that when it comes to technology you can be grateful, but if a lot of money is spent & it still can’t be used for its purpose then what’s the point?

    2. Extended Holiday Returns

      Most items with less than a 90-day return window that customers buy or receive from November 1, 2021, through December 25, 2021, begin their return period on December 26, 2021. Marketplace seller participation varies. See the Return Policy for details.

    3. Walmart policy on returns changes from Nov 1-Jan 1. The policy extents all returns for an additional 15 days. So wireless devices is 30 days & everything else is 45 days from the date of purchase. This isn’t per store. The is per corporate office.

    4. Walmart has extended their holiday return policy. You now have till January 31,2023 to returns most items. Just click on any item on line and it will tell under the item if it has the extended return.

  3. I am so proud of the CEO over WalMart God bless you all for giving your employees off for Thanksgiving . You are awesome to do this. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family

    1. Agree with Becky!!!! I love black friday shopping but I would love it even more if it was on friday and workers had thursday off to spend time with their families.

  4. I’m on the hunt for a new TV, 60” or 65”, and a new iPhone on Straight Talk if the price is right. Let’s go Walmart — Don’t disappoint this year!

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