Target’s Black Friday 2024 Sale

Updated on Monday April 22, 2024: Target’s Black Friday events aren’t what they used to be. Forget about long lines early in the morning before doors open on Friday. No more do we see the news reports of violence as customers fight over a few limited stock doorbuster deals. The specials now last for weeks and in some cases, aren’t even any different than their everyday prices. Here’s a look at what you can expect to see this year.

Our Black Friday 2024 Predictions

  • Black Friday at Target has now become a month-long event; you can expect to see a new ad each week for 4 straight, followed by a 3-day main event. Then they usually run a 2-day online-only Cyber Monday sale right after that. Here are our predicted start and end dates for 2024 based off of last year’s schedule:
  • Last year’s main event ad was a whopping 74 pages long. All the specials were available both in-stores and online. You can scroll down the page view the older ads to get a general idea of what’s to come (you can expect to see similar types of offers and price points again this year).
  • If shopping in-stores, keep in mind that Target will likely be closed again on Thanksgiving day itself. Doors at most locations usually open at 7:00AM on Friday morning. But according to multiple reports on Reddit, don’t expect to encounter any major crowds in-stores.
  • Is it worth shopping Target during this event? On some stuff, sure, especially over Thanksgiving weekend. However, they were caught red-handed last year advertising the same “Black Friday” prices on the exact same items prior to the holiday season.
  • Target often has a “Holiday Price Match Guarantee” from early November through Christmas. The price-matching policy ensures you if an item’s price drops later in the season at Target, they will match it. Additionally, Target usually honors a price match at certain competitors within 14 days of the original purchase date.
  • Target usually announces official Black Friday news via a press release a few days before the start of the first week’s ad. If they do the same this year then you can expect the news to be announced on Friday November 1, 2024.

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Last Year’s Black Friday Ad

Target’s complete 74-page “Main Event” Black Friday ad is posted below. You can also scroll to the very bottom of this page to see all their previous ads going all the way back to 2015.

Ad History

Are you interested in seeing some of Target’s older Black Friday ads? Then follow the links below to view the last few years of ad history.

The view outside the Target store in Goleta, CA on a beauty sunny morning. Photo by Witold Sadowski.
It’s a quiet weekday morning at the Target store in Goleta, CA. Photo by Witold Sadowski.

Questions & Comments

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