Advertise Your Store/Brand With Us!

advertise on blacker friday

Hello and thank you for your interest in advertising on Depending on the exposure you are looking to receive for your brand or product, we have several paid-placement options available for you to choose from.

Option #1 – A dedicated Black Friday page.

If you’re product or brand is not yet listed here with us, then we’ll be happy to add it to our list as long as your brand matches our guidelines (i.e. non-offensive, non-violent, non-political, non-software or spyware related, and it’s a kid friendly “G” rated brand). That means that you’ll get a dedicated page where we’ll list your offers and update it from year to year. For example, here are the dedicated Black Friday pages for Home Depot and Pottery Barn that you can take a look at to get an idea of how one looks like.

Option #2 – Your company logo listed on every page on (excluding the homepage)

If you would like your logo to be listed on every page on (excluding the homepage) between now and December 31st of this year then we charge a flat placement fee to get you listed. The logo will link to your store/brand page on, where then users can get familiar with your Thanksgiving weekend deals.

Here’s an example of where the logo would be and how this placement appears:

sitewide logo placement example

Option #3 – Your banner ad listed on every page on, including homepage.

Similar to the logo listing, we can place your company’s banner ad to appear on every page site wide (including our homepage). Unlike the logo listing in option #2 above, the banner is of your creation and will link directly to your website. Because of limited space, the placement rate depends or prior booking, the ad size, placement location and duration.

Option #4 – Homepage featured deals.

If you would like your store or brand to be one of offers featured on our homepage, including a link to your store/brand page on, this will run you a flat rate for the season (your logo will have homepage exposure through to the end of the year, December 31st of this year).

Bulk discount.

We don’t just track deals, we offer them as well! If you would like to purchase two paid-placement options, we’ll gladly discount the standard rate by up to 20%. If three or more, then you’ll get up to 30% off.

Payment options.

We prefer payments to be made either through an ad network directly, like, company check, or via Paypal. Keep in mind that placements will only go live once payment is received and it clears.

Because it gets awfully busy in the days leading up to Black Friday, it’s possible that your placement will not go live in time before Thanksgiving weekend if you wait until the last days before the holiday weekend to contact us. So the earlier you reach out to us the better if you would like to increase your brands exposure on

We also reserve the right to refuse any ad placement for any reason. This typically occurs if your ad, brand or product does not meet our editorial standard.

Thank you for your consideration – We look forward to working with you during this holiday season!