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Can you believe it? Zara’s Black Friday sale is just around the corner (it’s really their best sale of the year so whatever you do, don’t miss it!). We’ve been tracking their offers for the last six years now and pretty much know what’s coming… They like to run the same sale year after year. So what’s coming? Let’s take a look!

Our Zara Black Friday sale predictions for 2019:

Get ready as we’re predicting Zara to offer 30% off storewide for one day only, on Friday November 29th both in stores and online. That’s what they did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, basically since we starting tracking them in 2014. This year it shouldn’t be any different. Just keep in mind that some exclusions may apply (it’s been reported that sweatshirts and t-shirts are have been excluded in year’s past).

For those of you living outside the United States, the good news is that Zara runs their Black Friday offers worldwide. That means all of you folks living in Canada, the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy – basically wherever Zara has stores – you’ll be able to take advantage of the same storewide sale. Just remember that it’s only on in-stock inventory so if anything sells out early then you’re out of luck.

In terms of the official announcement – Each year Zara sends out an email to everyone on their mailing list on Thanksgiving day, usually in the afternoon hours. It not only includes the sale start and end times but also the store hours for each one of their physical locations. Of course we’ll get their ad scanned and all the important news posted here for you the moment we know more. Be sure to check back soon for more updates or join our newsletter and we’ll email you the moment Zara’s Black Friday ad is released.

Expected Black Friday start & end times

We’re expecting Zara to run the the same start and end times to their Black Friday sale like last year. Below are our predictions (we will be updating these dates if anything changes):

  • General start, online: 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT on Thursday November 28, 2019. For those in Europe that is around 2:00am on Friday November 29, 2019.
  • Early access, online: Last year Zara offered a one hour head start to those who shopped the sale through their app. So that would mean you can begin at 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT on Thursday November 28, 2019.
  • Start time, in-stores: Friday November 29, 2019 when doors open. Many locations will have extended hours, some even opening as early as 6:00am. You can scroll down the page to see the full list of store hours by city during last year’s Black Friday sale.
  • End time, online: Saturday November 30, 2019 at 2:59am ET / Friday November 29, 2019 at 11:59pm PT.
  • End time, in-stores: When stores close their doors on Friday November 29, 2019. Most locations will be open until 10:00pm.

What’s excluded?

Zara’s Black Friday sale typically includes their entire collection so items and services outside of their collection will be excluded. It’s also been reported that sweatshirts and t-shirts have been excluded in year’s past but the list of exclusions may change from year to year. Often gift card purchases, shipping fees, and third-party items are not included in the offer as well.

Where can you shop?

You can shop Zara’s Black Friday sale both online and in-stores. What’s great about their Black Friday sale is that it extends to their global locations as well. So regardless if you’re shopping in Barcelona or Beijing, we’re expecting the offer to be available in all locations where Zara operates.

Other things you need to know.

Zara has always run a Black Friday sale followed by a Cyber Monday sale a few days later, except last year. In 2018 there was no Cyber Monday sale offered at Zara and it’s possible that there will not be one this year as well.


What are you planning on getting at Zara this on Black Friday? Let us know in the comments section (you’ll find the comments section located at the bottom of this page.


Updated on Thursday November 22, 2017: As previously reported, we pretty much knew what Zara would be offering us on Black Friday for weeks now. However just moments ago we received the official confirmation: Get 30% off their entire store, both online and in-stores. Yes, that’s 30% off their entire collection!

Similar to last year, the sale runs for only one short day. Online it begins tonight, Thursday at 8:00PM ET/5:00PM PT and in stores when they open tomorrow (all Zara stores are closed on Thanksgiving day here in the United States). It ends on Friday evening when stores close and online at midnight PT. Just remember the stores will be packed and their site swamped so shop as soon as you can because many of their best sellers will likely again sell out early this year.

In terms of Zara’s Black Friday store hours, it all depends on the store location that you’re planing on visiting this year. Some will be open as early as 5:00AM while others open at 9:00AM. Most locations will be open up until 10:00PM. We’ve posted their hours by state/city down below so check it out.

One last important thing to mention is that unlike other brands that only run their Black Friday sales in North America, Zara runs their’s worldwide at all of their locations. That means regardless if you live in Barcelona or Berlin, London or Luxembourg, or anywhere else that has a Zara store, you can take advantage of Zara’s once-a-year storewide 30% off sale too.

Our favorites from Zara this holiday season.

If you’re not sure what to buy from Zara this Thanksgiving weekend then here’s a look at some of our favorites styles this season:

Ribbed Cropped Seater — This knit sweater features a round neckline, long cuffed sleeves, and six beautiful large buttons at the end of the long sleeves to finish off the design. It comes in a classy forest green and is perfect in the office or on the go during these chilly November nights. It retails for $45.90.

Soft Faux Fur Jacket — What better way to chase the cold away than in this fluffy jacket. It features front patch pockets and a hidden snap-button fastening in the front to keep you tucked away. It retails for $69.90 and comes in beige. Sizes range from XS to XXL.

Leather Animal Print Ankle Boots — Available in a deep burgundy, these ankle boots have a classic croc embroidered upper and are sure to keep the water out on rainy days. The heal is 2.4 inches (6 cm) high and feature elastic inserts on the sides making them easy to slide in and out.

Plaid Midi Skirt — Plaid is back this season and what better way to bust out the look than with this high-waisted skirt, belt and buckle included! It features a full A-line silhouette and hidden in-seam side zipper closures. It normally retails for $69.90.


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    1. Hi Steph – Thanks for letting us know! We’ve never seen Zara mention any exclusions in their ad nor on their site. That’s not cool.

  1. I’m planning to buy the Buttoned Meanswear Coat in camel – always classic! Not a fan of all those faux fur coats – they are this year hits but I like to buy things that don’t go out of style after one season.

  2. From all the shops I visit on Black Friday, Zara’s my favorite. I’m happy to see they run the same storewide discount year after year, it’s by far their best sale. Hope it doesn’t change ever!!

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