ZARA Cyber Monday 2022 Sale & Ad

Updated on Monday November 28, 2022: ZARA always has a huge Black Friday sale but what about on Cyber Monday? Well, similar to last year, it looks like they are not advertising a “Cyber Monday” sale on their homepage but we’re seeing deals at up to 50% off just added today on all of their subpages (be on the lookout for the “Special Prices” link as shown in the screenshot below). Here are the links to their individual sale pages:

We’re not sure how much time you have to take advantage of the special prices so it’s a good idea to shop sooner than later. Everything is available while supplies last. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!

Ad History

We’ve built an archive of ZARA’s previous Cyber Monday ads over the years that we’ve been tracking their sales. You can take a look and compare this year’s deals to those from the last few years by following the links below.

  • 2022: Page 1.
  • 2021: Page 1.
  • 2020: Page 1.
  • 2019: Page 1.
  • 2018: Page 1.
  • 2017: Page 1.
  • 2016: Page 1.
  • 2015: Page 1.
  • 2014: Page 1.


What do you plan on buying at ZARA this holiday season? Let us know in the comments section.

One thought on “ZARA Cyber Monday 2022 Sale & Ad”

  1. I have bought several girls clothing items. However; as I have said before, Galleria Zara store very poorly managed. Rarely checkers in Mens and childrens, long lines downstairs with often just one checker. Dressing rooms closed for weeks and still not open. Merchandise scattered with no order in mind.
    It is extremely irritating place to shop. Never ever and offer of help.

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