Louis Vuitton Black Friday 2020 Sale – What to Expect

Black Friday 2020 – What to Expect

If you’ve been eyeing a new Louis Vuitton bag for some time now and were hoping for a good sale to come around this Black Friday, then we’re sorry to say that Louis Vuitton NEVER EVER has any sales or discounts (nor do any of their authorized resellers). The price you see is the price you pay year-round. We’ve had people write to us that they’ve seen bags discounted before at some stores…but in all the checks and calls we’ve made over the years to all of those reported stores, we could never find a genuine Louis Vuitton boutique running any promotions, ever (if you can prove us wrong then be sure to let us know in the comments below and we’ll investigate).

You might be asking yourself what happens to last season’s stuff that’s unsold or any slightly scratched or display handbags. Well, it’s sad but true, they destroy all the unsold or imperfect items rather than sell them off at a discount as most other manufacturers do. And any store that you find advertising too-good-to-be-true discounts on Louis Vuitton bags, especially on all those questionable websites out there, it’s 99% likely that there are all counterfeit products. So beware and shop safe!

In all honesty, you’re only chance to find a deal on a Louis Vuitton handbag is to buy one that’s been pre-owned. There are a number of stores that advertise “authentic” used Louis Vuitton bags and accessories, but still, you have to be carful as you can get stuck with an expensive and pretty much worthless counterfeit.


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8 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Black Friday 2020 Sale – What to Expect”

  1. I wanted to buy my first LV purse last Mother’s Day. Went to the mall in San Jose, CA and could not believe the number of people in their LV store. I had to put my name on the waiting list to talk to the customer associate! Crazy! No sale was going on and such a demand. I left the store – no LV for me!

    1. Hi Brandy, You’re right — Stein Mart is having a sale on Louis Vuitton bags, most appear to be 20% off the original list price. But you’ll notice that all of these bags are used and tagged as “previously owned”. If you plan to pick up a bag there just be mindful of the posted rating chart which will let you know what condition the bag is in (they range from pristine to well-used). They guarantee that the bags are authentic so it might be worth taking a shot if there is a style you like in good shape. The worst case is you can send it back — You’ll have 10 days from the date of delivery to do so. Good luck!

  2. I think is a bunch of bull,every enterprise that depends on people’s money should sometimes show some appreciation to the customers by running some good deals from time to time.

    1. Business is drvien by supply and demand. LV has an ever increasing supply with a mostly constant supply. They started business as bespoke travel good resale and have never been a high market share company. The shopping experience and the follow up is much high than you receive in near luxury brand stores and the experience is built into the pricing system.

    2. I think that’s why these people are not their target market. They don’t want people who can’t afford it, they only want the 3% elite.

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