Lush Cosmetics Black Friday 2017 Sale


It’s still a bit too early to know if Lush will be running a Black Friday 2017 sale or not – Be sure to come back in early-November for more details.


Updated November 24, 2016: We’re sorry to disappoint but Lush Cosmetics has only one sale per year and that’s not on Black Friday – It’s the day after Christmas (also know as Boxing Day for those in Canada and UK). Why? Because they are a UK company and that’s what they do. They never run any specials over Thanksgiving here in the U.S..

In terms of their After Christmas/Boxing Day sale last year, it started on December 26, 2015 at 9:00AM EST online and at local stores at opening in the morning. And the deal was pretty good – They offered buy-one get-one free storewide on a number of products (not everything, but a lot was included). But you had to be quick because all the popular items sold out quickly.

If you’re curious, here the complete ad scan with the details:

Lush After Christmas Sale 2015 - Page 1

Lush After Christmas Sale 2015 - Page 2

Lush After Christmas Sale 2015 - Page 3

But with that said, we recommend that you sign up to their newsletter as they will keep you up to date on any web-exclusives deals coming up now and beyond. And don’t forget to collect your Lush lids and redeem them for free face masks in-store.

Comments? Questions? Let your thoughts below!


If you’re hoping for a good deal on your favorite Lush cosmetics this upcoming Black Friday, like our favorites the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask and Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, then we’re sorry to say that it’s unlikely you’ll find anything in-store on sale current the Thanksgiving weekend. They usually have one big sale a year and that’s it – It usually happens the day after Christmas on Canada’s “Boxing Day”.

But, that doesn’t mean that they won’t email you on with a “Black Friday” newsletter if you’re signed up with them like we are – Because that’s exactly what hit our box moments ago. They want you to forget about shopping today and just focus on some R&R. We personally would love to, but hey, the best deals of the year are here and we can’t miss it. We’ve posted the copy f the email below for your enjoyment 🙂

If you plan on visiting a Lush store on Black Friday then doors will open at 8:00AM on Friday. They will be closed all day on Thursday so that their employees can spend Thanksgiving day with their family at home (we like that – No stores, except maybe some gas stations and a McDonald’s should be physically open on Thursday in our opinion).

Lush Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 1

Lush Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 2

Lush Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 3

Lush Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 4

Lush Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 5

Lush Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 6

Lush Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 7