Lush Cosmetics Black Friday 2017 Sale


We’re sorry to disappoint but Lush Cosmetics has only one sale per year and that’s not on Black Friday – It’s the day after Christmas (also know as Boxing Day for those in Canada and UK). Why? Because they are a UK company and that’s what they do. They never run any specials over Thanksgiving here in the States… At least they haven’t yet, and we’re not expecting them to do any Black Friday sale for 2017 either.

In terms of their After Christmas/Boxing Day sale last year, it starts the day after Christmas at 9:00AM EST online and at local stores at opening in the morning. And the deals are usually pretty good – They offerer buy-one get-one free storewide on a number of products (not everything, but a lot of best sellers are included). But you have to be quick because all the popular items sell out very quickly.

But with that said, we recommend that you sign up to their newsletter as they will keep you up to date on any web-exclusives deals coming up now and beyond. And don’t forget to collect your Lush lids and redeem them for free face masks in-store.

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