Canada Goose Black Friday 2017 & Thanksgiving Deals


For all of you guys and gals hopping to get a good deal on a warm new Canada Goose winter jacket which, by the way, are hands down the best made and warmest jackets on the market, then we’re sad to report that their official store never has any sales or discounts. But that doesn’t mean that a deal can’t be had – It’s just a bit harder to find them, and even more so if you are looking at the beginning of the winter season.

Here’s a list of our top Canada Goose resellers, with the first three almost always having a few models on sale (even more so at their after-Christmas/Boxing day events). We recommend that if you find something you like on sale, and is your size, then jump on it as sale items are often limited to just a few styles and in just select sizes.

Find any good deals on Canada Goose jackets or parkas at one of their resellers? Then let us know what you saw, where you saw it, and for how much it was on sale for in the comments section below!


Updated November 26, 2016: Again this year there is no discounts directly from Canada Goose but there still is something special going on this weekend. They just released four limited edition styles from their archives that are only being offered this Thanksgiving weekend. Check it out at We’ve posted some screenshots below as well.




Remember when shopping this weekend, there are a number of so-called Canada Goose “retailers” but you have to be super careful because there is a lot of counterfeit products out there, especially on eBay and Amazon. Remember, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you’re not convinced, just read Tony Wilson’s article on he was caught up in a scam through a Facebook ad.