US Cellular’s Black Friday 2024 Sale – What to Expect

We have a long way to go until US Cellular’s Black Friday 2024 sale arrives, however you can scroll down the page to see their 2023 ad and offer details to get a general idea of what they typically offer during the annual event. Of course all of you joined to our newsletter will be the first to know once we know more. See you again soon!

Last Year’s Black Friday Ad

Updated on Friday November 24, 2023: Thanksgiving is now behind us and of course that means you’ll find just about every cell phone carrier out there trying to lure you over with their Black Friday bargains, thus bringing us some of the best deals of the year. US Cellular is no exception — And their sale just went live at We posted screenshots of their specials below. Offers available while supplies last. Happy bargain hunting!

Ad History

If you need to see any one of US Cellular’s older Black Friday ads from these past few years then follow the archive links below.

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You’ll find the latest iPhones, Samsungs and more at US Cellular this Thanksgiving weekend. Photo by Witold Sadowski.


Do you already know the phone and plan you’ll be getting this Thanksgiving weekend at US Cellular? Will you be signing up or renewing an existing monthly or prepaid plan? Let us know in the comments.

33 thoughts on “US Cellular’s Black Friday 2024 Sale – What to Expect”

  1. 100% agree with previous customer comments. I have been waiting for the right offer….I see ads for “FREE” phone…I call and “no, that is for new customers”. WHAT! How about you reward those that have been with your for over THIRTY YEARS and 4 relocations. It takes 5times the energy and marketing to get NEW customers as it does to keep the ones you have. Guess what, the other companies are trying harder. I have dropped calls and lost professional opportunities bc of my service. Most of my family has already left USCellular. I think it is time for this small business to consider our options.

    1. Totally agree! I’ve been a loyal customer with multiple lines since 1999 and feel like we (the loyal customers) are financially supporting the promo’s everyone else gets while we get the short straws. Every time I need to upgrade a phone I have to pay full price and my bill goes up higher and higher. I’ve already decided that after the latest round of phone upgrades are paid for, I’m done. I’ll be breaking up with US Cellular.

      1. Agreed!!!! I have 4 phones since 1999 as well, and there are no longer any perks to stay with US Cellular which is a major disappointment. Plenty of incentives for new customers but none for faithful existing customers. What a let down.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. And when I thought when I was being rewarded with an S21 Ultra because mine was the main number on our 5 lines, I still ended up being charged full price even after multiple phone calls and multiple empty promises to correct. This was upgrade from an S7 and the first so called opportunity for a nearly 20 year customer.
    Becky Morgan

  3. C’mon us cellular I know you can do better! I totally agree with these comments. Over 15 years ,with 5 to 6 lines, which is over 350+ a month and you offer a new IPhone for $0. For people switching! How about maybe ome bill discounts or upgrade discounts ….Or maybe start listening to your loyal customers!!

  4. really getting sick and tired of not having good deals for all of us long term existing customers! I may just be looking for a completely new carrier. Verizon gives their existing customers deals, my brother has been trying for years to get us to switch. This year might just be the year!

  5. I totally agree. I think the existing customers should get better deals on the new phones. We have been Loyal for years and deserve a free new phone for a change.

      1. I totally agree I have been a loyal customer for over 23 years.Think about that…steady payments on a nationwide plan the whole time and I get no deals on a new phone to replace one that died.
        U.S. Cellular insurance which I’ve paid for for over 15 yrs sent me a outdated, non supported model which 3 different U.S . Cell stores couldn’t set up

  6. Been a customer for as long as I can remember. Got an email about upgrading. Called – “that deal has ended”. sent me to retention. They offered a worse deal than the one that expired. I’m starting to research a new provider.

  7. I have been a customer for over 15 years. I have gotten good deals for new phone before on black Friday. Unfortunately this year I may be looking with another carrier. I do need another phone but it wouldn’t do any good since there has been 2 towers with problems near my house. I can’t get data & usually do not get calls. For 4 months I have called and have been told the towers are on the list to be repaired. 4 months I paid full rate & 4 months I have lost business due to bad service.

  8. Ditto! I’ve been a US cellular customer since the bag phone 30 years. Not a damn thing for loyalty! I’m getting fed up!

  9. Same here at least 20 yrs. I guess they just don’t care if you stay. Looks like you could do something for loyal customers. 400 a month for 20yrs. Geez almost 100g. And that doesnt count the pads and the accessories bought. Wow!

    1. I don’t understand it my family has been a loyal customer for 5 years at 200 plus a month and now the IPhone 13 is free if you’re a new customer it’s you’re decision but we will be finishing our contract and going elsewhere to get the deal very sad that we have to do that. I have read a lot of replies and this is the norm with US Cellular for current customers

    2. I agree with these comments. My cousin just switched at my suggestion. He got the iPhone 13 free while I have been with US Cellular for years but I can’t get the same deal. It is important to get new customers but equally important to keep existing customers! So I’m not sure we will continue with US Cellular . We will wait & see what Black Friday deals are for existing LOYAL customers!

  10. My longstanding good account gets treated worst than a 1st time customer. I’ve been a US Cellular customer for 18 years with up to 6 lines on my account at 1 time. There is no incentive to remain loyal, in fact the sales associate told me to go to Verizon because they would offer me a deal. I don’t want to play the switch game (nobody wins) because US Cellular has the best coverage in my area. I just want a discount on a new phone.

    1. Same here. My bill gets higher and higher, and phones cost more and more. I’m debating on switching, but I live very rural and worry about service.

    1. Yes ,we should switch____________to Verizon! Us Cellular only give deals to switchers. I’m a 21 year customer at us Cellular, I’m going to have to play the switch and switch back game to get a deal! 🤔 Something wrong!

      1. I could type out the exact same thing as previous entries of current customer in good standing with multiple lines being offered incentives to leave
        And go to other carriers. Why won’t uscellular give rewards to long-standing customers to retain them.

      2. I know.. for years of service why aren’t we rewarded..why shouldn’t we switch to something else since they don’t offer anything for us to stay. I agree.

        1. I have been thinking the same thing. It will cost me $100 a month to upgrade our 5 year old phones. If I change carriers, I can get them free.

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