TurboTax 2019 Discounts & Deals (April 2019)

Updated on Monday April 15, 2019: Nobody likes doing their taxes (us included) but that’s part of life. Fortunately it happens only once a year and we have TurboTax to help take some of the pain away by making it pretty easy to complete our returns (and the deadline is TONIGHT!!). But forget about paying full price for their software — We’re tracking the best TurboTax discounts and deals. Here’s our full list of offers you can pick up today before you file from the folks at TurboTax:

  • Get $5.00 off the online version of TurboTax Deluxe — Just be sure to file your return by midnight tonight (April 15, 2019) to take advantage of this offer. Follow the link to activate the discount.
  • Get $10.00 off the Premier online version on TurboTax — Follow the link to apply the discount. You’ll have your choice of the regular or live-help version. Offer valid through 11:59PM PST tonight, April 15, 2019.
  • Get $15.00 off the Self-Employed online version of TurboTax — This offer also ends on this evening (April 15, 2019).
  • 29% off the Quickbooks/TurboTax Self-Employed Bundle — If you already use Quickbooks to run your business accounting, then this bundle offer is definitely worth taking a look at. This is an ongoing promotion.
  • Pick up TurboTax CD/Download versions on sale now — While there’s no special offer codes for the CD versions available at TurboTax’s site at the moment, it seems like a number of retailers have some deals going on right now. Our favorite to check is Amazon as they typically have the lowest prices and let you download most versions of TurboTax right after checkout. You can then cross-check the sale prices to Costco, Target and Walmart, all of which are some of TurboTax’s largest volume resellers.
  • Military discount — All E1 through E5 ranking military personnel can qualify for free federal and state filing TurboTax Deluxe. If you need Premier, Self-Employed, or TurboTax Live federal products then it’s no longer free but you’ll qualify for $5 off. E6 and above ranking military personnel get $5 off regardless of the TurboTax version chosen.
  • File for free online — You’ll pay nothing at all to file your federal and state taxes with the TurboTax Free Edition if you have a simple tax return. There’s no better deal than that! Just remember that this option is for folks that have a really simple tax for to send in. That means if you need itemized dedications, have business income to report, have rental properties, stock sales, or other special items you need to report to the IRS, then you’ll have to get one of the paid versions.

When is the tax filing deadline this year?

This year you’ll have up until 11:59PM your local time on April 15, 2019 to file your tax return. It falls on a Monday. If you’re sending your taxes by mail then many post offices will be open late in order to accommodate your tax return. If you’re sending it out electronically (e-file), then recommend not waiting until the last minutes to file. However, if you do file a day or two late… then the late fees aren’t usually too bad (last fees and interest charges are calculated based on how late you file).

I’m an Uber driver, can I use TurboTax?

As an Uber driver you’re considered as self-employed (you’re not on Uber’s permanent payroll). TurboTax is already made to accommodate Uber drivers when you use their Self-Employed Home & Business versions.

What’s a TurboTax Service Code?

Once it’s time to complete your TurboTax order, you’ll see a section where you can enter an optional “service code”. If you have one then you can enter it, but it’s not needed unless you received one from a TurboTax support agent. They are usually given out for either order tracking or to apply a discount. But because all the discounts we currently have don’t require a service code, you can leave this area blank.

I made a mistake but I’ve already filed.

No worries, TurboTax lets you amend your already-filed tax return. You’ll find the link to amend your return within your online TurboTax account.

Do I need a computer to use TurboTax?

One of the benefits of TurboTax Online is that you can work on and complete your tax return from any internet-connected device, no software installation is required. So that means you can use your iPhone, Tablet, etc., to file your return. On the other hand, if you decide to purchase a TurboTax Desktop version, then you will only be able to use the software on the machine that you’ve chosen to install the software on.


We’re here to help. If you’ve got questions or if your stuck and don’t know how to proceed, then just let us know in the comments below. We’ll do our very bast to try to help you out.

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