TurboTax Deals & Discounts for January 2019

Updated on Friday, January 18, 2019: We here at Blacker Friday don’t just monitor all of the most popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but also track many of our favorite offers year-round. And because almost nothing gets us as excited as paying our taxes (yes, we’re joking), we’re tracking all of this year’s best TurboTax deals, discounts and more.

The TurboTax offers available for January, 2019:

  • $20.00 off the Deluxe or Premier Online versions — Offer valid until January 31, 2019.
  • $30.00 off the Self-Employed Online version — Offer valid through January 31, 2019.
  • $10.00 off TurboTax CD/Download versions. You’ll have your choice of TurboTax Basic, Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business. Offer valid through January 31, 2019.
  • 29% off the Quickbooks/TurboTax Self-Employed Bundle — If you already use Quickbooks to run your business accounting, or have though about using it, then this bundle offer is definitely worth taking a look at.
  • Military discount — All E1 through E5 ranking military personnel can qualify for free federal and state filing TurboTax Deluxe. If you need Premier, Self-Employed, or TurboTax Live federal products then a $5.00 off discount is offered. E6 and above ranking military personnel get a $5 off discount or more on all TurboTax federal products.
  • File for free online — You’ll pay nothing at all to file your federal and state taxes with the TurboTax Free Edition if you have a simple tax return. There’s no better deal than that! Just remember that this option is for folks that have a really simple tax for to send in. That means if you need itemized dedications, have business income to report, have rental properties, stock sales, or other special items you need to report to the IRS, then you’ll have to get one of the paid versions.

So what about those bank and credit union offers? Well, all those discounts from a few years ago, including our favorite TurboTax Bank of America discount, is no longer being offered. BofA has ended their partnership with TurboTax back at the end of 2015 (you’ll see that the discount link is gone from their “offers” tab once you login to your BofA account). The partnerships at many of the other financial institutions around that time as well.

Just so you know, in years past, TurboTax used to team up with some of the top banking and financial institutions to offer partner clients a break on their popular at home tax preparation software – Like what we’ve seen before from Bank of America. However, probably because everyone had access to the offers anyway (and spread like wildfire on sites like Reddit), it appears that they have moved away from offering specific partner discounts and just offer a general discount for everyone from time to time. Plus they probably had to pay their partners a commission or some sort of fee to get exposure on partner websites or newsletters.

But wait… There may be another tax deal from Bank of America.

The folks at H&R Block have picked up where TurboTax has left off. We’ve seen them offer Bank of America customers 10% cash back if you pay for your H&R Block tax service with a qualifying BofA credit or debit card (up to a maximum of $28.00 back). We haven’t seen it offered yet for the 2019 tax season but scroll down the page to see what was offered last last and where you could find it.

To search for the offer, you will need to login to your online Bank of America account. Once there, navigate to the “cash back deals” link in the top bar. It should look something like this below although it might vary depending on your client level (we have a basic account):

On the main deals page the offer is amount the first five listed so you shouldn’t have any problems finding it.

What we’re just not sure of is if the cash back is only valid for in-person filing at your local H&R Block office or if their online software programs qualify as too. You’ll have to check with them for full details.

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