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Hermès Black Friday Sale 2021 – Here’s What to Expect

Black Friday 2021 — What to Expect

Updated on Thursday November 18, 2021: For all of you dreaming to pick your favorite leather handbag, soft and colorful silk scarf, clic clac bracelet, or anything else from Hermès, then we’re sad to say that they never ever run any Black Friday sales. Never. Period. End of story.

Hermès is similar to other high-end luxury designers like Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton in that they’re not about diluting their brand value with deep discounts. But unlike those brands, Hermès actually runs two famous and incredibly popular sales — Their Summer and Winter sample sales. Each runs for two-days only; the Winter sale is typically in January and their Summer sale happens in June. But there’s a catch.

Hermès only runs their Summer and Winter sales in Paris, France. Yup, no online deals or at any of their boutiques worldwide. You have to be in Paris in person and be there early. Really early! Lines usually form as early as 2:00AM. Some have reported waiting in lines for over 6 hours to get in. Often hundreds of people show up including a number of unauthorized resellers. So is it all worth it?

Well, if you live in the area or you’re planning a trip to Paris then under normal conditions it might as well be. They often have deals at up to 70% off (wow!). It just usually pays off if you buy a few things, but that obviously means you need to spend a little bit more than maybe you normally would. But, we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic with COVID-19 with causes rising in Europe and it’s likely that Hermès will end up canceling their upcoming sample sale.

So there you go. No Hermès Black Friday sale coming up this year but other opportunities may exist if you’re willing to go to the extremes. If not, there’s always Tory Burch, Coach and Kate Spade that typically have pretty good sales going on over Thanksgiving weekend.

Here’s a few pics below of what the Hermès sale looks like and some of the items folks have picked up from previous hauls. Enjoy!


Have you attended a Hermès sale in Paris before? Planning on attending one next year? Then let us know about the experience or about your plans and what you’re looking to buy in the comments section below.