Sonos After Christmas Sale 2018


The After Christmas sale at Sonos is still a ways away (assuming we’ll see one this year). And although it’s too early to officially say what’s coming, you can scroll down the page to check out what was offered last year and the year before to get an idea of what’s likely to come. Then be sure to visit us again here at Blacker Friday in mid-December for the latest post-holiday and New year sale updates (or just signup to our newsletter and we’ll do the work for you). Cheers!


Updated on Tuesday, December 26, 2017: We were hoping and keeping our fingers crossed for a big after-Christmas sale from Sonos. Unfortunately, it looks like they won’t be running any specials this year. The only deal right now is on the Play:1 speakers which just had a price cut — They were $199 but are now $149/each. See the details at

If anything changes or if we come across any other Sonos deals now or into the new year, we’ll post an update for you here on Blacker Friday. Happy bargain hunting!

What are new Sonos speakers are you planning on getting after Christmas? Are you building a new surround sound system or adding to your existing one? Let us know in the comments below!


Christmas is officially behind us which means you have less than a week to still take advantage of the winter sale from Sonos that ends on December 31st. So if you received some cash from grandma then head on over to to get $50.00 off either the Playbar or SUB, and/or $30.00 off PLAY:1, PLAY:3, or PLAY:5 wireless speakers.

The offer is available for both U.S. and Canadian customers purchasing directly from Sonos (either though their website or over the phone). For the official terms and conditions, and any limitations to the offer, you’ll have to check with Sonos directly. Enjoy your new speakers!