What to expect at Ross After Christmas 2024 Sale

The moment Christmas day is behind us is when we see retailers begin slashing prices on all remaining leftover holiday stocky to make room for the incoming 2025 inventory. You’ll even find better deals on certain things on clearance than you did on Black Friday. But one of the stores that doesn’t run a big after Christmas sale is Ross.

Will There Be An After Christmas Sale At Ross?

Unfortunately no, there will not be a big storewide after Christmas sale at Ross. Because everything they sell is already 20% to 60% off department store regular prices they don’t discount any more before or after the holiday season. They also never run a Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other holiday-specific sale. The same policy applies to similar off-price retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods.

How To Save a Little Extra

Besides hunting the clearance racks where, if you’re lucky, you’ll find something you like that’s been further marked down, you can shop Ross on Tuesdays to take advantage of their senior discount.

Every Tuesday all people over the age of 55 are entitled to an extra 10% off their entire purchase. If you’re not yet old enough then you can bring your parents, grandparents or anyone else aged 55+ to come along that can show a valid government-issued ID card at the register. They must be present at the time of checkout to receive the discount but don’t have to be the ones who actually pay — It can be your credit card used at checkout.


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