Vans Cyber Monday 2017 Shoe Deals & Sale


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Plan on missing Vans’ Black Friday sale? Or are you just wondering if Cyber Monday has the better deals on Vans. Well, while it’s still too early to tell you what’s coming, looking back at last few years we expect to see the same deal at offered through the entire Thanksgiving weekend up through Cyber Monday. The only exception was that on Monday you could only take advantage of the online-part of the promotion: On all purchases of $49.00 or more you would get a $15.00 eGIFT certificate to use on your next purchase at made through mid-January. As soon as we have more details about Vans’ Cyber Monday sale then we will post more details here on

Until then, you can start planning your shopping spree at their official online store You can also take a look at the clearance deals on Vans from some of their most popular resellers – including Zappos, Tilly’s and PacSun (all which offer free shipping on most purchases).

What new Van shoes, snowboard boots, or other gear are you planning on picking up this holiday weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


We were hoping for something better but we just got the same exact deal as we had on Cyber Monday last year. Not that we’re complaining but you can usually find some deeper discounts on Vans at some of their authorized resellers. That is, you’ll get a $15.00 off coupon to use on your next purchase at with any order of $49.00+ made today. Today’s order will also ship out to you for free via FedEx and if for any reason you need to return your purchase, you can do so for free as well at any Vans Retail Store.

Keep in mind that this deal is a web-only offer so don’t expect to get it at any of their retail or Factory Outlet locations. For all the nitty-gritty offer terms and restrictions, be sure to check out the full ad scan posted down below.

Vans Cyber Monday Ad Scan - Page 1

Vans Cyber Monday Ad Scan - Page 2


Not that we thought that Vans reads our posts but come on… there is still no improvement with their Cyber Monday offer! As we were writing our post on their Black Friday sale we expressed our disappointment with it. After all, Vans sale didn’t stand out when reviewing their competitors’ offers.

Vans extended their Black Friday sale, or, we should say that they extended only half of their offer. During Cyber Monday Vans lets you receive a $15 eGIFT certificate to use on your next purchase made through January 18, 2015 when you spend $49. This offer applies to online purchases only and free economy shipping is in place for orders over $49.

What can we say is that if you are planning to spend a little over $50.00 then the deal is good (assuming that the next time you will buy something for at least $15 – the amount of the eGift certificate). Otherwise, the offer is not Cyber Monday worthy (PS. we reserve the right to our opinion, so, Vans, please don’t sue us).

Vans Cyber Monday Ad - Page 1

Vans Cyber Monday Ad - Page 2