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Updated on Wednesday November 14, 2018: Historically, Vans never runs any crazy deep discounts on their shoes or accessories over Black Friday. But last year was the first year that they didn’t run any discounts at all. Nothing. So what about this year? We don’t know yet but we’re tracking the latest news and rumors coming from Vans and will be posting any Black Friday sale developments as they come in to us (should be very soon) — Be sure to check back again for all of the latest updates (or just signup to our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed).

As we wait, you can to take a moment to visit to start planning on what you’ll be getting this Thanksgiving weekend. If you decide to buy anything at their online store then remember that all orders about $50.00 will also ship to your home for free. Oh, and be sure to also check out Tilly’s and PacSun for some pretty good pre-holiday clearance deals going on right now on Vans shoes as well.

Find some good deals on Vans shoes worth sharing? Then let us know in the comments section (you’ll find the comments located at the bottom of this page).


Updated on Friday, November 24, 2017: Black Friday is officially here but where’s the Black Friday sale from Vans? We even received a fancy Black Friday email from them just moments ago… with… just free shipping?!?! Check it out below.

OK, we’ve been critical of their offers in the past (they haven’t been all that great), but they could try a little bit harder. Right?

Oh well. There are a number of other footwear brands running Black Friday deals today. That includes Adidas, Nike, Etnies, DC, Puma, Timberland and others. Be sure to check it out.


Updated November 23, 2016: Happy Thanksgiving! Just moments ago, Vans launched their holiday sale! And similar to last year, you’ll get $20 off your next purchase with any $65+ purchase today.

This is an online-exclusive promotion so you won’t find it at any of their outlet stores (however be on the lookout for their outlet sale to begin when stores open for Black Friday later tonight!). We’ve included the terms and conditions for the promo below so you can take a look at it to learn about the specifics.



Happy Thanksgiving everyone… and happy early Black Friday! Most brands have just launched their offers for the weekend, including Vans that made the announcement just a moment ago.

This year the promo is quite similar to the one from last year’s Black Friday sale (as expected). Again, this Black Friday, Vans offers two ways to shop: you can either spend $49 and receive free shipping and a $15 promo code to use on your next online purchase that’s greater than $15 made through January 17, 2016; or if you spend $100 on full-priced items, in Vans local store, you can get a free Checker Blanket (of course while supplies last).

The first offer applies only to online purchases and free economy shipping is in place for orders over $49. As we could have expected it, this year’s Black Friday sale is almost identical to the last year’s offer. All loyal Vans customers will find this deal OK as most likely they will shop there again soon using up the $15 off coupon.

Vans Black Friday 2015 Flyer - Page 1

Vans Black Friday 2015 Flyer - Page 2


Are you ready for Black Friday this year? If not, then start preparing as we are just days away. And to help you, we just got the details in for the sale coming from Vans.

This Black Friday Vans offers two ways to shop: you can either spend $49 and receive a $15 eGIFT certificate to use on your next purchase made through January 18, 2015; or if you spend $100 on full-priced items, you can get a free pair of Vans headphones. The first offer applies only to online purchases and free economy shipping is in place for orders over $49. The second offer is valid only at Vans retail stores.

In our humble opinion, there is room for improvement on this deal (from the customer perspective). We’re not saying that Vans’ Black Friday offer is bad. We would just expect to see a different type of discount as not everyone wants to get a pair of headphones or a $15 eGIFT card that applied to some future purchase without really giving any discount at the moment. For Vans loyal customers this offer must sound OK but for the rest of us it is just too little 🙁

Vans Black Friday Ad - Page 1

Vans Black Friday Ad - Page 2

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