What’s at Lululemon’s Black Friday Sale for 2016?

Lululemon Black Friday 2016


Where’s Lululemon’s Black Friday sale? We are sorry to say, it’s not going to happen. Lululemon never offers any storewide discounts for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other day of the year. Bummer 🙁

You’re best chance to score a deal is to visit their sale page at lululemon.com (they call it the “we made too much” section), the sale rack at your local store, or visit one of the few outlet stores that they have (we have one here in Gilroy, California). If anything changes and they release a special coupon or sale for Black Friday then we will post the details here.

But with that being said, they still will be open on Black Friday. We expect the same store hours as last year: 8:00AM to 10:00PM. They will be closed on Thursday for the Thanksgiving holiday. Last year they also revealed a limited edition eight-piece capsule collection and the year before that it was their holiday glitter collection, each released on Black Friday. We will likely get a similar limited edition release this year as well but forget about those storewide deals.

What are you planning on picking up this Thanksgiving weekend at Lululemon? Let us know in the comments below!


You probably know by now that Lululemon is not a store that has follows the price slashing trend as most other clothing retailers tend to do. In fact, the the only bargains likely to be had are on their clearance rack which is usually pretty bare, especially in the most common sizes.

What they lack in sales, they make up for in their new “Black Friday” releases. This year it’s an eight-piece capsule collection in, well, mostly black. It’s made from their top of the line breathable 360-degree high-impact reflectivity fabric and will be available for a limited time both in-stores and online starting Friday November 27th. Prices range from $38.00 ear warmers all the way up to nearly $300.00 jogging tights. We’ve included some of the images of what you’ll be able to get down below.

Lululemon Baby Black Friday Sale - Page 1


While all other stores use the Thanksgiving weekend to slash prices on their merchandise to sell as much volume as they can, Lululemon has taken the approach of releasing a limited-edition holiday collection to entice their (female) customers on Black Friday. You’ll be able to pick up any one of the 10 different speckled print pieces from just $42.00 for the short-shorts all the way up to $148.00 for a matching jacket.

There are no new sale items added for the weekend outside of the few pieces you can find on the clearance racks in-store. You’re best bet is always to try the sale section on lululemon.com for some of the best deals for today and year round.

Here a look at the glittery holiday collection for 2014:

lululemon black friday ad scan - page

lululemon black friday ad scan - page 2