GORUCK Black Friday 2016 Sale & Deals

GoRuck Black Friday 2016


There’s no better backpack that a GORUCK, like our favorite, the GR1. It’s proudly made in the USA from some of the best materials on the market, including some of the same that are used for assault packs in the Special Force. But at a few hundred bucks a piece, they are wickedly expensive.

Fortunately, Black Friday is almost here and we are expecting another big sale coming directly from GORUCK’s online store. Last year it was up to 40% off on a number of their best selling models, all in black of course. While we still don’t know if the same deals will return here for 2016 but you can count on us to update all the details here on Blacker Friday the moment we know more.

Until then, you can check out the latest bags, colors and designs at goruck.com. They also have a sale page there where you can already save some bucks on various GORUCK gear, including bags, pouches, totes, and shirts.

What’s your favorite GORUCK bag? Do you think they will again offer us a 40% off deals this year? Let us know in the comments below.


When you hear “the lowest price ever” it’s often worth listening. And that’s exactly the news that’s coming out from GORUCK this year.

This year you’ll be able to get their best price ever on the GR1, and on the kid’s Rucks (that’s a cool 40% off!). The GR2, Rucker, and Bullet Ruck are 30% off. The gym bag is 20% off. Just keep in mind that the deals are only on the black models.

Some other things are on sale as well which can be found on their sale page.

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