GORUCK Black Friday 2020 Sale – What to Expect

It’s still too early for us to know what’s coming at GORUCK’s Black Friday sale this year but you can scroll down the page to see the details from last year to get an idea of what’s likely to come (we’re expecting to see similar deals return). We’ll be posting a copy of their ad and all the important details for 2020 once we know more. Be sure to check back again soon for the latest updates or join our newsletter to be the first to know the moment news is announced.

Last Year’s Black Friday Ad

Last updated on Monday November 25, 2019: There’s no better built backpack than a one from GORUCK. That includes our favorite, the GR1. They are proudly made in the USA from some of the best materials on earth, including the same stuff used for assault packs in the Special Forces. But at a few hundred bucks a piece, they are wickedly expensive. Fortunately, their Black Friday just went live today!

Starting now, shop goruck.com to save up to 50% off on a number of their best selling models. The sale ends on Sunday December 1, 2019. However everything is available while supplies last and certain bags are likely to sell lout early. We took a few screen shots with the sale highlights below. Happy bargain hunting!

Expected Start & End Dates

If we assume GORUCK will run a similar Black Friday sale schedule this year as they did last year, then these would be this year’s sale dates:

  • Expected start date: Monday November 23, 2020.
  • Expected end date: Sunday November 28, 2020.
  • Expected special offer: One day only on Black Friday, November 25, 2020. Last year GORUCK also offered a one-day deal where you would get a free pair of MACV-1’s boots with the purchase of a Black GR1. Something similar might return this year.
  • Expected Cyber Monday sale: November 30, 2020. Last year they offered 50% off Challenge, Survival and Star Course training events, or 30% off Firearm training events.


Are you interested in seeing some of GORUCK’s older Black Friday ads? Then follow the links below to take a walk down memory lane.

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  • 2015: Page 1, 2 and 3.


What’s your favorite GORUCK bag? Do you think they will again offer us a 50% off deal again this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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