TurboTax 2024 Military Free & Freedom Edition Discount

Updated on Sunday February 18, 2024: TurboTax is back once again for the 2024 tax season with free federal and state filling for E1 through E9 ranking active duty and reserve military personnel stationed both domestically and oversees. That includes those serving in the the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and, most recently, Space Force. You’ll be able to use any one of TurboTax’s Online versions for free including the Deluxe, Premier and Self-Employed versions.

How does it work?

You can start by visiting TurboTax’s Main Start Page where you’ll be able to either sign up to a new TurboTax online account or login to your existing account if you’ve previously used TurboTax before. Then select the version of the program that best matches your tax current situation: Deluxe for general tax deductions and credits, Premier if you own investments for rental property, or Self-Employed if you have also have other personal or business income/expenses that you need file. If you’re not sure which version to choose then you can start with the Deluxe version and the program will guide you to which vision you’ll need based on your individual tax situation. You can disregard any of the posted prices for the Deluxe, Premier or Self-Employed versions as the appropriate discount will be applied to your order so the price at checkout becomes $0 as soon as you enter your qualifying military W-2 form. That includes both federal and state tax filing fees for using TurboTax. Just keep in mind that there is no free offer or discount available on any TurboTax Live, Plus, Max or Desktop/CD/Download versions.

What’s great about TurboTax is that even though it’s free for qualifying military filers, the program was specifically designed with input from active duty, reservists, retired military personnel, and military spouses to address specific situations that often arise from being enlisted. That includes how best to deal with, report and deduct things like combat pay, multi-state and oversees relocations/residencies, determining Home of Record, uniform and moving expenses, permanent change of stations and more.

Can my non-military spouse file for free as well?

Yes! Your non-military wife, husband or registered domestic partner can file with you for free if you are filling a joint tax return.

My Turbotax military discount was not applied.

If you’ve completed your tax return using TurboTax Deluxe, Premier or Self-Employed online versions and the program is still asking you to pay, then return to the “My Info” section and make sure you completed all the military related questions. Also be sure that “Active Duty Military Pay” is selected when inputing your W-2 form. Note: A military-issued ID card is not used to apply this offer. Remember, if you just joined the military in 2024 then you won’t yet qualify for free TurboTax filing for the 2023 tax year (however you’ll be eligible in 2025 when filing your 2024 tax return assuming this freebee continues next year).

Is TurboTax free for Military Officers?

TurboTax Online is free for qualifying enlisted E1-E9 ranking military personnel who are filing this year with a military issued W-2 tax form only. All commissioned officers, warrant officers, and anyone else ranking E6 and above are excluded from this offer. But don’t worry if you don’t qualify for this free deal the you may still be able to save on your TurboTax purchase with these available discounts.

Do military veterans or retirees get a TurboTax discount?

No. Military veterans and retirees do not qualify for free filing with TurboTax.

Get a free tax consultation by phone.

If you need additional assistance in filing your tax return this year then you can take advantage of free Military OneSource tax consultants by calling 1-800-342-9647 (the service is run by H&R Block). Additional helpful resources and answers to common tax-related questions can be also found on the sub-Reddit r/Military page.


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