What’s Expected at TJ Maxx’s Black Friday 2024 Sale

Black Friday 2024 — What to Expect

Similar to Ross and Marshalls, TJ Maxx is one of those handful of stores that you could probably skip visiting on Black Friday. Especially considering all the other fantastic sales going on this year over Thanksgiving weekend (you can see the full list of stores we’re tracking on our homepage). So why’s that?

Well, it’s because everything at TJ Maxx is already bargain priced year-round. So on Black Friday there are absolutely no extra discounts offered, no storewide coupons, no doorbuster deals, nothing of that sort.

The only thing they usually offer on Black Friday itself is free shipping on all purchases made online and sometimes a small free gift with purchase. Last year they gave away a free tote bag to the first 300 shoppers to check out, both online and in-stores. It’s possible something similar will return again this year as well.

With that said, if you’ll be in the mall anyway and want to stop by and see what’s on sale, then all TJ Maxx stores will likely be open early on Black Friday (exact store opening times will vary by location and may depend if how bad coronavirus cases are in your neighborhood). As always, they’ll be closed on Thanksgiving day itself to give their workers the day off to spend with family but you’ll be able to shop at their site anytime at tjmaxx.tjx.com.

A view outside of the TJ Maxx store in Santa Maria, CA. Photo by Witold Sadowski.


Will you be heading out to TJ Maxx this Thanksgiving weekend? If so, what’s on your shopping list? Leave your comments below.

7 thoughts on “What’s Expected at TJ Maxx’s Black Friday 2024 Sale”

  1. I don’t know where they get their info, but like MOST retailers, at TJ MAXX there are items SAVED to put out Black Friday at really cheap prices!🤣 I know,because we go EVERY YEAR.

  2. It’s gotten so dangerous and people are stupid!! They don’t care if they trample you down and walk all over you. Safer at home and order online somewhere else.

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