Marshalls Black Friday 2020 Sale – What to Expect

Black Friday 2020 — What to Expect

Similar to Ross and TJ Maxx, Marshalls is closed on Thanksgiving Day and typically does not run any blowout bargains on Black Friday like you’ll see just about everywhere else. That’s because they already bring you low prices year-round and there’s not much room left for any deeper store-wide discounts. The only thing you are likely to see are extended holiday hours through Christmas Eve.

With that being said, Marshalls is still a store worth having on your holiday list to visit. They often have a pretty good “under $25” gifts section with something available for just about every member of the family. You’ll also find good bargains on winter jackets and other cold weather clothing and shoes.


Each Marshalls store has something slightly different to offer and because they are an off-price retailer, they don’t offer online shopping on their site.


Will you be going to Marshalls this Thanksgiving weekend or are you skipping it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I love marshells in Mansfield NJ. Christmas or not it’s my go to store for everything. Prices are fabulous and the people who work there are fantastic. Best store ever!

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