What to expect at Tiffany & Co.’s After Christmas 2023 Sale

Literally once the clock strikes midnight on Christmas day is when we begin getting bombarded with all the after Christmas sales emails. But one that won’t be coming this year is from Tiffany & Co.

Will Tiffany Run An After Christmas Sale?

The short answer is no. There will not be an after Christmas sale at Tiffany’s this year. In fact, Tiffany is one of the handful of stores that has a policy of no discounting, ever. Not on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other day of the year. The same goes for many of the other high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes and Prada.

Why No Sales?

Tiffany does this to maintain high brand value and to keep a perception of exclusivity. Tiffany products are expensive and the high prices make their jewelry “special”, something that’s not marketed for the masses.

You’re also paying for top quality materials and design. A lot goes into making each piece perfect so you know that everything that’s in their little blue box is made to the upmost top standards. Tiffany collaborates with some of the most sought after designers in the world. That’s what helps make their jewelry so desired.

Can I Still Find a Bargain on Tiffany Jewelry?

There’s really just two ways to save on Tiffany jewelry. One way is buying used. If you do a quick Google search then you’ll find may different third party site selling used Tiffany pieces. But that’s risky as you can easily end up with a counterfeit product or something that’s been abused by the previous owner. I wouldn’t recommend going down this route.

You’re second option is go with silver as opposed to gold or platinum. Tiffany offers many of their best sellers in several different materials and the difference in price is often substantial. For example, the Heart Tag Bracelet seen below costs $3700 in 18k gold but $335 when finished in silver. That’s more than a 10x difference in price!

Another thing to be aware of at Tiffany is their upgrade policy. Certain Tiffany engagement rings and other jewelry can be returned back to the store and you’ll be given credit equal to your original purchase price that you can use towards another piece of jewelry. So lets say you can’t afford that perfect engagement ring today, you can buy something that’s less expensive today and just exchange it for something nicer a few years down the road. Be sure to talk to a store representative for offer details and terms.

Prices Are On The Rise

Year after year, we’ve noticed that prices are on the rise. The changes may be subtle but are definitely there. Back on May 18th last year Eric, one of the members of our team here at Blacker Friday, purchased the Tiffany Soleste ring and an engagement ring for his then fiancé (they are now happily married!). Back then the ring, which is finished in platinum with a .70-carat aquamarine and diamonds, cost $5800 (on May 15, 2018). Then when we checked on December 5, 2019, the exact same ring cost $6000. As of December 17, 2020, the price is $6400.

So even though you are paying full price today, in a few years from now it’s quite possible that whatever you purchase will look like a bargain.


What are you planning on picking up a Tiffany’s? Are you shopping for yourself or a loved one? Let us know in the comments below.

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