Splendid Black Friday 2019 Sale & Outlet Deals

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Thanksgiving is almost here and that means Splendid’s Black Friday sale is about to begin. So what can you expect them to offer us this year? Let’s take a look!

Our Splendid Black Friday sale predictions for 2019:

Be on the lookout for Splendid’s Black Friday sale to mirror the 30% off storewide deal we’ve seen these last few years in a row (both on Friday itself and a few days later on Cyber Monday). You can scroll down the page to view the specifics from last year’s sale, including start/end times, to become familiar with what’s likely to come here in 2019. Of course we’ll update this page with everything you’ll need to know the moment any official news is released. Be sure to check back soon for updates or join our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed.

As we wait, you can visit Splendid’s sale page to pick-up some pre-Thanksgiving deals today before the holiday crowd rushes in. If you end up getting anything now then we recommend that you first signup to their email newsletter (or ask a friend to do so if you are already on their email list). That’s because all new subscribers are entitled to a 10% off coupon code on their next order (we are not sure when this offer expires so see their site for details). Good luck and happy bargain hunting!


What are some of your favorite Splendid styles this season? Found anything worth sharing? Will you be shopping for Black Friday deals online or at the outlets stores this holiday weekend? Let us know in the comments section (it’s located at the bottom of this page).


Updated on Tuesday November 13, 2018: Again, another tip came in to us from a source that works at Splendid’s marketing department about this year’s Black Friday sale! Here’s what’s coming:

  • Black Friday Sale: Get 30% off your entire purchase. Offer valid from Thanksgiving day through Sunday (November 22-25, 2018).
  • Cyber Monday Sale: Get 30% off your entire purchase with NO EXCLUSIONS (aka including their classics!). Offer valid from Thanksgiving day through Sunday (November 26-28, 2018).

We don’t have a copy of the terms and conditions yet so it’s hard for us to say what’s excluded from the offer — You’ll have to wait until the deal goes live to see the official details.


Are you interested in seeing some of Splendid’s older Black Friday ads? Then you’ve come to the right place! Follow the links below to view the last few years of ad history.

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