Sonos Shipping Times Are Delayed, December 2019 Update

Updated on Thursday December 5, 2019: So you took advantage of Sonos’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale this year? Awesome — We did too! After years of tracking the holiday deals coming from Sonos I decided to jump into the Sonos ecosystem and finally get a complete 5.1 home theater system.

This is my first surround sound system mind you so I’m super excited. I’ve never even had a soundbar before, only the built-in speakers in the various TV’s that I’ve owned. Currently that’s a 65” LG LED. Pretty soon that will all change once the Beam + Sub + 2 Sonos ONE SL’s arrive in the mail. I also ordered the 2-pack ONE speakers stands in black (the ones that Sonos manufactures themselves). I can’t wait to get it!

Where’s My Order?

Besides the 20% off the complete system during their sale, I also used coupon code SHIPSFAST to get free express shipping at (the code is typically emailed to you when you signup to their email newsletter). Shipping is always free at Sonos but this should have helped shave a day off the delivery time.

Per Sonos’s website “Products that are currently in-stock typically ship out the same day for orders placed by 11 AM in your Local Time”. I ordered it around noon on Cyber Monday this week, right after the morning cutoff time, so I was expecting that it would arrive on Wednesday. But today is Thursday and my order is shill showing as “processing”. It hasn’t even shipped yet!

Sonos Shipping Times Delayed

While contemplating whether or not to contact Sonos’s customer support team to see what was going on — thinking maybe my credit card was declined or there was an error with the mailing address or something — I received the below email this afternoon that my order would be delayed an extra 2 to 3 business days.

Apparently Sonos has some unexpected demand for their products due to the sale they had over Thanksgiving weekend.

What To Do About It?

Nothing really, I suppose. Although I am bummed about it because I was looking forward to setting up the system and watching a few movies over the weekend. But now it’s looking like the system will arrive sometime early next week. It would have been worse if was a gift and the shipping delay would cause me to miss the special occasion. But because I bought it for myself, it’s not the end of the world… just a few more days with my TV speakers. At least I don’t yet know what I’m truly missing yet in sound quality 🙂


Is your Sonos order delayed as well? Then let us know when you placed your ordered and where you live — In the U.S., Europe, Asia? Will you be canceling your purchase because of the delay? The comments are open below.

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