Dollar Tree Black Friday 2018 Sale & Store Hours


Black Friday 2018 is still a ways away. However, we’ve been tracking the Thanksgiving weekend deals coming from Dollar Tree for several years now and it’s likely you’ll see a similar sale to last year’s return again this year (you can scroll down the page to check out last year’s sale to get an idea of what’s likely to come). Then be sure to visit us again here at Blacker Friday in early November for the latest BF ads, news, rumors, and updates (or just signup to our newsletter and we’ll do the work for you). Cheers!


Updated on Sunday, November 19, 2017: Didn’t think Dollar Tree had any Black Friday deals? Then think again. Dollar Tree typically offers exclusive Thanksgiving weekend deals on items you never thought could be on sale for just a buck – Everything from glass vases to holiday decor. We are expecting to have the details very soon on what’s coming for this year’s Black Friday sale so stay tuned for more to come any time now.

Until then, be sure to check out for all of their newest arrivals. You can also take a moment to sign up to their loyalty program, called the Value Seekers Club, where you’l have access to additional perks and sales that are not available to the general public. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!

What’s on your Dollar Tree shopping list this holiday season? Let us know in the comment section down below.


If you’ve ever dreamed of picking up solar-powered dancing “Christmas Friends” then you’re dreams have finally come true! Dollar Tree’s Black Friday sale has them and a whole lot more starting tomorrow, Friday, at 8:00am in-stores. If you end up shopping online then $4.95 Flat-Rate UPS shipping is included from 6:00am ET on 11/21/16 through 6:00am ET on 11/26/16. The full ad is posted on their site so be sure to check it out. Happy bargain hunting!


We’ve big fans of Dollar Tree, especially around holidays like Halloween and Christmas where their bargains on decor and such can’t be beat. And that’s exactly what you can expect this Thanksgiving weekend when you’ll find everything you need this holiday season and still, just for a buck! They also just released their Christmas inspiration book so be sure to browse through that to help you plan of your upcoming holiday decor.

When shopping this year, just keep in mind that some items are available only online or only in-stores so be sure to plan accordingly. If you end up going to your nearest store, then most locations will be open on Thanksgiving day from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Then they will reopen early on Friday morning at 8:00am.

We’ve scanned and posted the full flyer below which include all of the important details that you’ll need to now.

Dollar Tree Black Friday Sale Flyer - Page 1

Dollar Tree Black Friday Sale Flyer - Page 2

Dollar Tree Black Friday Sale Flyer - Page 3