AliExpress Black Friday 2020 Ad & Sale – What to Expect

Updated on Tuesday November 24, 2020: China’s Singles Day (our version of Black Friday here in the U.S.) may be AliExpress’s biggest shopping day of the year. But not that far behind that is their Black Friday sale. And it’s here today!

We took a look at their site and there a lot of Flash Deals going on today. It really depends on what you’re looking for because there is A LOT there to see today. Check out at We took a few screenshots below. Happy shopping!

Current Offers

A full list of offers currently available at AliExpress can be found below. Be sure to double check the deals available today before heading out to shop. Happy bargain hunting!


Do you already know what you’ll be getting at AliExpress this holiday weekend? We’d love to know — Leave your response in the comments section below.

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