Asics After Christmas Sale 2017


Asics had a decent Black Friday sale with select shoes and apparel at 30% off. But if their after Christmas sale is anything like what we saw last year, then be prepaid to 40% on select shoes, apparel and accessories. We’ll know pretty soon what’s coming and will be posting an update with the details as once they become available.

While we wait, you can take a moment to see the latest styles and current clearance items at (the clearance pages are in both the mens and women’s tabs). If you end up buying anything now or later then remember that free shipping is offered on all purchases of $50+. Happy bargain hunting!

Do you already have a favorite pair of Asics shoes? Then let us know what they are in the comments below.


About 10 minutes ago Asics emailed us with the details of their after Christmas sale (and it’s pretty good!). Starting now you’ll save 40% on select shoes, apparel and accessories. There’s now more details other than that so you’ll have to check out their site to see what’s available in your size. Just remember that the best selling items will likely sell out quickly in the most popular sizes, colors and cuts. Sale expiration date is unknown but we suspect it will last through the first days of the new year. Good luck!