WhistlinDiesel’s MonsterMax Black Friday 2024 Sale

We have a long way to go until WhistlinDiesel’s MonsterMax Black Friday 2024 sale arrives, however you can scroll down the page to see their 2023 ad and offer details to get a general idea of what they typically offer during the annual event. Of course all of you joined to our newsletter will be the first to know once we know more. See you again soon!

Updated on Friday November 24, 2023: From burning Ferraris to MonsterMax vs. tank tug-of-wars, and everything in between, WhistlinDiesel is the king of stunts. And all that jet-ski splashing and prancing, he’s living life on the edge of the law. Here at BlackerFriday, we’re all big fans of Cody Detwiler and the videos that he and has crew produces. But we’re not here to praise him, we’re here tracking deals, and as you probably know he’s got an online store selling various shirts, hoodies, beanies, socks and other apparel (most of which are so popular that they seem to be out of stock most of the time). So do these ever go on sale for Black Friday?

Yes! At WhistlinDiesel’s official online store at monstermax.com they just had a new drop tonight at 5:00PM PT / 8:00PM ET. While not everything is on sale, you’ll save $9 on select t-shirts and $25 off select hoodies. The deals are posted below. Happy bargain hunting!


What are you hoping to pick up on sale at MonsterMax this Thanksgiving weekend? Do you think WhistlinDiesel will run a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale this year? Let us know in the comments.

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