TurboTax Deluxe 2021 Service Codes & Discounts, July 2021

Updated on Thursday July 8, 2021: To help you file your taxes this year, we’re once again tracking all of best 2021 deals on TurboTax software. Here’s a look at all of our favorite offers and coupons that you can take advantage of today (this list is updated live, on an ongoing basis, through the October 15, 2021 tax extension deadline).

TurboTax Discounts & Deals, July 2021:

  • Offer #1: Save $5 instantly on the online edition of TurboTax Deluxe when ordered directly from intuit.com. Normally priced at $60, it’s now $55. This discount is automatically applied when you visit their special offer page. Offer ends at 11:59PM PST on July 31, 2021.

  • Offer #2: Is this the first time you’re thinking about completing and sending in your tax return on your own? Or maybe you just want to have a quick estimate on how much of a refund you can expect to see this year? Whatever the the reason, you can start and work on your tax return with TurboTax up until the point of filing. Then you can decide to purchase and file with TurboTax or not (you pay only when you file). Based on the information you enter, you’ll see the expected 2021 tax refund or the extra amount you’ll need to pay this year.

  • Offer #3: If you’re a student then it’s likely you’re not making much money right now. If so, you may actually be able to file a simple tax return for free with TurboTax this year and not pay even a penny for it. Even better yet, TurboTax can help you get over $1,000 back in education credits and deductions if you qualify. Plus they will help you with FAFSA filing by letting you print a FAFSA-friendly view of your completed tax form.

  • Offer #4: The next time you login to your online banking account be sure to take a look at see if they have a deals page (I have a link in my online Bank of America account). Although we’re seeing less of these deals lately, TurboTax has a history of partnering with credit unions, banks and credit card companies and offering a discount to their clients. Some worth looking into are Capital One, Citi Bank, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch, AAA, Nasa Federal Credit Union, PenFed, and Discover Card – All of which we’ve seen these partner deals before.

  • Offer #5: If you or your spouse/parter where in active military service in any part of 2020 then you may be able to take advantage of the TurboTax’s military discount. All E1-E5 ranked military personnel get the online version of TurboTax Deluxe for free. All E6 or above military personnel get $5.00 off or more, depending on the version chosen. TurboTax uses your military W-2 to verify rank and to apply the discount to your order. Only available for online versions as the desktop versions are excluded from the offer. This is an ongoing offer but only available to those who pre-qualify.

  • Offer #6: A number of stores sell TurboTax, including our favorite go-to place — Amazon. They usually a few bucks off or so, however because their sale prices change so often (even up to several time a day on certain items) you’ll need to check out their site for today’s sale price.

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