Michaels Black Friday 2020 Sale – What to Expect

Updated on Friday October 23, 2020: It’s still too early for us to know what’s coming at Michaels’ Black Friday sale this year but you can scroll down the page to see the details from last year to get an idea of what’s likely to come (we’re expecting to see similar types of offers return).

We’ll be posting a copy of their ad and all the important details for 2020 once we know more. Be sure to check back again soon for the latest updates or simply join our newsletter and we’ll let you know the moment news is announced.

Expected 2020 Start & End Dates

Chances are you’ve shopped Michael’s Black Friday sales in the past before. So you probably already know that unlike other stores that have a defined start and end date for their sales, Michael’s likes to offer different coupons for different times of the day (i.e. a 8:00AM—12:00PM coupon, then a different 12:00AM—10:00PM coupon, etc.). However generally, the overall sale typically begins on Thursday night (Thanksgiving day) and ends on Saturday evening.

  • Expected start date, online: In the morning hours of Thursday November 26, 2020.
  • Expected start date, in-stores Thursday November 26, 2020 at 6:00PM local time. TBD. Stores may be closed in certain locations on Thanksgiving day due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Expected end date: Saturday November 28, 2020 or while supplies last.

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic this year, you may want to consider shopping from home this year. Michael’s usually allows you to pick your online orders in store with same day pickup if you order online by 5:00PM (if the items are in stock at your chosen location).

Current Offers

A full list of Michaels’ current offers and coupons — all of which are available today — can be found below. If you’re lucky then you may be able to find a good bargain before the holiday rush this Thanksgiving weekend. Good luck!

Our Favorite Deals

Besides Michael’s famous Black Friday weekend coupons where you can typically save anywhere from 30% to 50% off your entire purchase, there are usually over 10 pages of doorbuster deals in their ad. And while it’s still too early for us to know what those specific deals will be for 2020, the specials tend to be similar from year to year. Here’s some of the things you should be on the lookout for when bargain hunting this year:

  • Holiday decor — There’s no better time to start decorating your home for the holidays than after Thanksgiving. Michael’s makes it easy to come up with great ideas as they usually have several pages of festive decor in their ad, some typically at up to 70% off. Last year our favorites included Christmas ribbons at 70% off, ornaments and Christmas paper at 50% off, and buy-one get-one 50% off on select pre-lit wreathes and tree toppers.
  • Christmas trees — With artificial Christmas trees becoming more and more realistic, it might be a good time to switch from live trees to artificial and help save some trees from being cut in the process. Last year Michael’s had 7-foot pre-lit Pencil trees on sale for $39.99, 7-foot pre-lit Willow Pine trees on sale for $79.99 and 7.5-foot pre-lit Kensington Pine Dual LED trees on sale for $99.99. All online tree orders of $49+ also included free shipping.
  • Kid’s toys and activities — Michael’s always has something fun for the kids to get their creativity working. Last year all art sets made by Creatology were 60% off, all Crayola markers and crayons were 40% off, and all strung beads were sale priced at $2.99/set. They also had buy-one get-one 50% off on all science kits and Disney merchandise storewide (with 100’s of items to choose from).
  • Frames — Michael’s is probably already your go-to store for all your framing needs. But when Black Friday comes around you can expect up to 50% off 1000’s of frames storewide. That typically includes galley and float wall frames, Christmas frames, poster frames and more. You can also expect to see display cases included in the same promotion.

As always, once we are able to officially confirm the 2020 sale details then we’ll update our favorites list with all the specifics. Stay tuned for more to come in mid-November!

Last Year’s Black Friday Ad

Last updated on Tuesday November 19, 2019: With just 10 days left to go until Black Friday, we starting to see what was just a trickle of leaked ads turn into a flood of them! One of the many that have already come it today is Michaels. All 14-pages of their Black Friday ad can be found below. The quality is not the best but you should be able to make out most of the deals in there.

In terms of store hours, Michael’s will open their doors at 6:00PM on Thanksgiving day (although you’ll likely be able to shop most of the deals at michaels.com sooner than that!). Then most locations reopen the next day by 7:00AM. Just be mindful of the start/end dates for the individual coupons listed in their ad. Everything is available while supplies last. Happy bargain hunting!


Are you interested in seeing some of the older Black Friday ads at Michaels? Then you’ve come to the right place! Follow the links below to take a walk down memory lane.


What are you planning on getting at Michaels’ this Thanksgiving weekend? New Christmas decor? Gifts for the kids? A new photo frame? Let us know in the comments below.

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