Dyson Labor Day Sale 2017


Updated August 21, 2017: Dyson emailed us last night with their “Labor Day” deals. Although it’s hard to call it that because the deals span for nearly a month — from August 20 through September 16, 2017.

We’ve posted the models on sale below. Some of the price points are comparable to those we see over Black Friday and After Christmas. No coupon codes are required but just keep in mind that this offer is only open to those shipping to an address in the 50 United States shopping at dyson.com.

— V6 Fluffy on sale for $299.99 (normally $499.99).

— V6 HEPA on sale for $254.99 (normally $299.99).

— V6 Cord-free on sale for $279.99 (normally $299.99).

— V6 Motorhead on sale for $299.99 (normally $399.99).

— Small Ball Multi Floor on sale for $299.99 (normally $399.99).

— Ball Multi Floor 2 on sale for $299.99 (normally $399.99).

— Ball Animal 2 on sale for $399.99 (normally $499.99).

— Cinetic Big Ball Animal on sale for $499.99 (normally $599.99).

— Cinetic Animal+Allergy on sale for $549.99 (normally $699.99).

— Big Ball Multi Floor Canister on sale for $349.99 (normally $399.99).

— Big Ball Musclehead on sale for $399.99 (normally $499.99).

— Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister on sale for $499.99 (normally $599.99).

— V6 Top Dog on sale for $189.99 (normally $229.99).

— V6 Baby+Child on sale for $179.99 (normally $219.99).

— AM09 Fan Heater on sale for $359.99 (normally $449.99).

— AM06 10-inch Desk Fan on sale for $249.99 (normally $299.99).

The official terms and conditions are posted below along with the highlighted deals (unfortunately the more powerful V7 and V8 cordless vacuums are not on sale this time). To shop the sale visit dyson.com. Happy bargain hunting!

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