23andMe Black Friday 2021 Sale – What to Expect

Updated on Wednesday October 20, 2021: We’ve still got some time left to go until 23andMe’s Black Friday sale arrives again but you can scroll down the page to view last year’s details to get a general idea of the type of offers they typically run (you can expect to see similar deals return).

As always, we’ll be posting a copy of their ad, sale start/end dates and all the important details for 2021 the moment we know more. Be sure to check back again soon for the latest updates or join our newsletter to stay informed.

Black Friday 2021 Start & End Dates

You’ll likely notice several special pre-holiday offers coming from 23andMe in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. But don’t jump on it, their main Black Friday sales have historically always started on Black Friday itself. It then typically lasts through Sunday night, then being replaced with a pretty similar 1-day Cyber Monday sale the following morning.

  • Expected BF sale start date: Friday November 26, 2021.
  • Expected BF sale end date: Sunday November 28, 2021.

Note: Although we’re not expecting to see any changes this year, these dates are still preliminary estimates based off of last year’s sales schedule. 23andMe’s officially confirmed Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale dates/times for 2021 will be posted as soon as they are publicly announced by the company.

Last Year’s Black Friday Ad

Updated on Friday November 27, 2020: We had to wait until today to confirm the details… 23andMe’s Black Friday sale has now officially arrived! But the wait was worth it as these are some of the best offers you’ll see from them all year.

Starting now, you can pick up the following deals at 23andme.com:

  • The Health + Ancestry Service kit sale priced for $99 (normally $199 — that’s 50% off).
  • The Health + Traits Service kit sale priced for $79 (normally $99).
  • The VIP Health + Ancestry Service kit sale priced for $399 (normally $499).

It’s a great time to pick up one of these kits as a Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one. See their site for complete offer terms. And don’t forget to compare the prices to those offered at Ancestry‘s Black Friday sale. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!


How did 23andMe’s Black Friday sale look like last year? And what about the year before that? Here’s a record of 23andMe’s previous Black Friday ads from the last few years:

  • 2020: Page 1.
  • 2019: Page 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • 2018: Page 1.


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