23andMe Black Friday 2019 Ad & Sale Detials

Black Friday 2019 — What to Expect

Last updated on Monday November 11, 2019: If you’re curious to learn about where your ancestors came from and who you may be related to, then 23andMe will help you figure it all out. The kits can be a little expensive but thankfully 23andMe always runs something special on Black Friday. Here’s a look at what we’re expecting them to offer us at this year’s sale.

Our 23andMe Black Friday sale predictions for 2019:

Last year 23andMe offered 30% off on their home-based DNA saliva collection kits. That meant the Health + Ancestry Service kits were sale priced at $139/each and Ancestry + Traits Service kits were sale priced at $69/each. However the price dropped to $49/each on the Ancestry + Traits Service kits when you bought 2 or more, making it 50% off the regular list price. We’re expecting to see similar price points this year as well.

The moment we’re able to confirm their sale we’ll post the details and a copy of their ad for you right here on Blacker Friday. If you’re joined to our newsletter then you’ll also receive a note in your inbox once news breaks.


Where do you think your ancestors come from? Do you suspect you may have some long lost siblings somewhere out there? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


Updated on Thursday November 22, 2018: Black Friday deals are now here on some of the best selling DNA genetic testing and analysis kits. A few days ago we saw Ancestry’s Black Friday deals and now we have 23andMe’s officially announced.

Starting now, shop 23andMe.com and save up to 50% off select DNA kits. The Health + Ancestry Service kit is now 30% off, sale priced at $139 plus shipping (normally priced at $199) and the Ancestry + Traits Service kit is 30% off, sale priced at $69 plus shipping (normally priced at $99). However if you buy two or more Ancestry + Traits Service kits then the sale price drops down to $49/each, making it a perfect opportunity to buy one as Christmas gift for a friend or family member.

The sale officially ends tomorrow night, Friday November 23rd. However, we just saw a note on 23andMe’s Facebook page that the $139 and $69 sale price points will continue on through December 25th.

Keep in mind that terms and conditions will apply and there may be some exclusions or limits to how many kits you can buy at the sale price. See 23andMe’s website for full offer details. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!

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