Puritan’s Pride Black Friday 2016 Sale & Vitamin Deals

Puritans Pride Black Friday 2016


The long Thanksgiving weekend is almost here and so are the really good deals on all of your favorite vitamins and supplements from Puritan’s Pride! So be sure to get a head start on your new year’s resolution of getting back into a more healthy lifestyle and check out Puritan’s Pride’s Black Friday clearance deals beginning on November 24th. Once we have the full sale details we’ll get them posted here for you. But until then, be sure to see all of their current offers at Puritan.com.

What vitamins of supplements are you planning on getting at Puritan’s Pride this Black Friday weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


We thought we’ve seen it all, but there is always something that surprises us. Who wouldn’t be surprised with a sale of up to 80% off? Puritan’s Pride not only started its Black Friday sale extra early (today, November 24, 2015) but also has offered some really good offers, like up to 80% off on selected top sellers or buy 1 get 2 FREE plus free shipping on all orders. This is what we call a SALE!

If you can’t can’t quite see what we’re writing here, then maybe it’s about time you to pick up a bottle of Puritan’s Pride Herbavision with Lutein and Bilberry, a vision supplement for $4.79 vs, $23.99 (yes, 80% off!). During this Fall/Winter season you should stock up with some vitamin D, as most likely you will not enjoy as much sun as your body needs (unless you live in sunny California). Now is your chance to get a great deal on Puritan’s Pride Vitamin D3 10,000 IU – for only $6.39 you get 3 packs, each including 100 capsules (that is almost a one-year supply for less than $7; amazing!)

If that’s not enough, you can shop designer fragrances for up to 65% off so check out Puritan’s Pride website for all deals offered during this Black Friday sale event. But hurry up because the up to 80% off sale ends on November 27, 2015. Happy healthy holiday season folks!

To shop these offers and see the full details, visit Puritan.com.

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