Hot Topic Cyber Monday 2017 Sale & Deals


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Regardless if you’re back in school or work this coming Cyber Monday, Hot Topic’s got the online deals coming and, if it’s anything like what we saw in the last few years, it’ll be better slightly better than those on Black Friday. We expect to see a similar 30% off or so storewide deal return this year again. Although it’s too soon for us to be able to confirm, Hot Topic typically runs similar promotions year to year over the Thanksgiving weekend. The moment we know more we will post all the details and any required coupon codes here on

Until then, be sure to check out Hot Topic’s pre-holiday sale where you’ll be able to pick up some new clothes, accessories, and other gear at up to 40% off. Free shipping is also available on most orders so shop away!

How much are you planning on spending this year at Hot Topic’s Cyber Monday sale? What do you want to get? Leave your comments and anything else on your mind down below.


We’ve only been tracking the Hot Topic’s Cyber Monday deals for a few years, but we’ve already seen a pattern here. That is, they seem to love to offer storewide 30% off on Cyber Monday. That’s of course 5% better than they typically have on Black Friday and through Thanksgiving weekend. The only exclusions seem to be DVD’s, CD’s and vinyl records.

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If you missed Hot Topic’s Black Friday sale then you didn’t miss out at all as we just got word of their Cyber Monday sale at it beats the one from a few days by 5%! Head on over to to get 30% off your entire purchase, included all the sale items as well. No coupon code necessary to take advantage of the saving, however a few items, like gift cards, vinyl records, CD’s, and DVD’s are excluded from this promotion.

If you’re planning on going to the mall instead, then the sale will differ; but one get the second item for 50% off. Again, certain items are excluded from the offer so be sure to read up more down below in the posted terms and conditions.

Finally, be sure to collect you Hot Cash points as you’ll earn a $15.00 store credit voucher for every $30.00 you spend between 11/06/14 and 1/13/15. Just remember that only one discount is redeemable per purchase and your total purchase will have to be over $30.00 in order to apply the coupon. It’s worth also mentioning that Associates of Hot Topic, Inc. and their family members are ineligible for this promotion and the sale will vary at their Outlet stores.

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