Tire Rack’s After Christmas 2023 / New Year 2024 Sale

Unlike traditional retail stores, like Macy’s for example that desperately needs to sell remaining holiday inventory to make room for the new upcoming Spring 2023 collections, tire shops aren’t that way. You’re not going to see the same clearance-type sales coming post Christmas from them, including at Tire Rack.

Does Tire Rack Have An After Christmas Sale?

The quick answer is no, there won’t be any after Christmas sale at Tire Rack this year.

In fact, Tire Rack is one of those shops tries to keep prices competitive year-round. That’s why you won’t ever see them run a Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other holiday-specific sale. Some other tire shops do (like Discount Tire for example) but not Tire Rack.

But the good news for all of you bargain hunters is that some of the best rebates of the year are already available today!

Tire Rack’s Current Offers

Here’s a complete list of all the current offers and rebates available today at Tire Rack. The specific terms and conditions for each one of these offers can be found at tirerack.com/specialoffers.

Which Tires To Choose?

Just because something is on sale it doesn’t mean you should buy it. Especially when it comes to tires — The wrong tires on your type of car or driving conditions can end up causing a rough ride, or even worse, can be dangerous.

That’s why if you’re not exactly sure what to get, you can use Tire Rack’s tire decision guide to help you choose the best fit for your vehicle. Then once you reach the page of tailored results, be on the lookout for all the results where you see the green thumbs up icon. That means those tires are consumer recommended.


What new tires are on your holiday shopping list? Are you looking to buy summer, winter or all seasons? Let us know in the comments section below.

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