Did you say “Green Monday”? What’s that all about?

This is actually a pretty significant day during the holiday shopping season (the term was first coined by eBay back in 2007). It comes on the second Monday of December and is usually the busiest shopping day of the month. This year it falls on December 14, 2020, exactly two weeks after Cyber Monday. That’s a little over a week before Christmas.

In the last few years we’ve seen more and more retailers beginning to run specific Green Monday sales in hopes to earn your business. You’ll even find that some of the offers will rival those seen on Black Friday. Think of if as your second opportunity to Black Friday type of savings and the last big sales event before Christmas (that’s until all the After Christmas inventory clearance sales arrive).

Due to our focus on After Christmas sales, we won’t be tracking Green Monday sales this year. But you’ll be able to visit your favorite stores directly to see what’s offers once the day comes around. Good luck and happy bargain hunting!