Louis Vuitton Black Friday 2016 Sale & Deals

Louis Vuitton Black Friday 2016

If you’ve been eyeing a new Louis Vuitton bag for some time now and were hoping for a good sale to come around this Black Friday, then we’re sorry to say that Louis Vuitton NEVER EVER has any sales or discounts (nor do any of their authorized resellers). The price you see is the price you pay year-round. You might be asking yourself what happens to last season’s stuff that unsold or any slightly off/scratched handbags. Well, it’s been reported that they destroy all the unsold or imperfect items rather than sell them off at a discount as most other manufactures do. And any store that you find advertising discounts on Louis Vuitton, especially all those websites out there, then it’s 99% likely that there are counterfeit products.

You’re only chance to find a deal on a Louis Vuitton handbag is to buy one that’s used. Stores like Yoogi’s Closet and Fashionphile advertise authentic used Louis Vuitton bags and accessories.

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