Hostgator Black Friday 2017 Sale & Webhosting Deals


We’ve been tracking Black Friday deals for a number of years now, and it seems like it’s hard to find a company that NOT slashing prices over the Thanksgiving weekend. Of course we’ve not taking about all the shops in the mall (that’s a given that all those shops have a sale going on) but even companies you wouldn’t expect, like all the web hosting companies, have Black Friday deals coming.

While it’s still too early to know what’s coming from Hostgator for 2017, we expect them to bring back their daily deals through Thanksgivign weekend. Typically the discounts span across both web hosting bundles and for new domains purchased. This year you’ll likely see domains for as low as $5.99 for your first year and hosting plans far as little as $2.00 (or even less) per month. Of course as soon as we know all the details, we will list everything you need to know here as on Blacker Friday.

Until then, we recommend that you check out all of Hostgator’s current deals and, if you plan on buying a new domain, start searching to see if the one you want is available.

Find some other good web hosting deals this holiday season? Then let us know what you found and where you found it in the comments section below!


Updated November 19, 2016: If you’ve been waiting for that perfect deal to pick up a new web hosting package or switch your existing service to someone better, then this may be your best chance for the rest of the year to save one a plan from Hostgator!

From Black Friday morning (1:00AM EST on Nov. 25, 2016) through the weekend up to Tuesday night (1:00AM EST on November 30, 2016 you’l be able to get 65% off the regulator price on EVERY hosting package they offer and just $5.99 on select domains. Plus keep an eye out for their flash deals that will be sprinkled in there as well! To pick up the savings, you will need to use a coupon code and it changes by day. Here’s what you’ll need to use and when:

— Nov. 25, 2016 (Black Friday): Use coupon code BF2016 at

— Nov. 26-27, 2016 (Saturday & Sunday): Use coupon code CW2016 at

— Nov. 28, 2016 (Cyber Monday): Use coupon code CM2016 at

— Nov. 29, 2016 (Tuesday): Use coupon code TUE2016 at

Happy domain name hunting and bargain shopping! Be sure to check out our other deals as well and be sure to share us with your friends!



We just got a early sneak peak at what Hostgator will be offering during Black Friday! This year, along with their “flash” sales throughout the day, you’ll be able to get 65% OFF all hosting packages and be able to pick up as many .net & .com domains for just $5.99/each. The sale begins at 12:01AM CET Friday, November 27, 2015 and ends at 11:59PM CST on Monday November 30, 2015 (that’s Cyber Monday!). Just be sure to grab the relevant coupon code found in the full ad scan below. These offers will only be available at

Hostgator Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 1

Hostgator Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 2

Hostgator Black Friday 2015 Ad - Page 3


Regardless if you’re prospective customer or if you’ve had your website up and running with Hostgator for years, you’ll be able to take advantage of their Black Friday specials. This year you’ll save up to 75% on hosting packages or be able to pick up a new domain or two for under $2.00 per year.

The only catch is that you have to be fast as the deals only last one to two hours each, with three separate “fire sales” (with different deals!) throughout the day. The first one is starts early on Friday November 28th at 12:00 am CST, the second one at 9:00 am, and the third at 9:00 pm. No coupon code is needed to take advantage of these deals but you must complete the checkout before the countdown clock at the top of the page runs out for that particular sale.

Hostgator Black Friday Ad - Page 1